FFNM Week 8: Integration

Important Note & Update: At the time that I made this video I was still very much disowning my magic, life’s magic, and a lot of my faith and the power of love and intention, I still believed so much was squarely on my shoulders alone – this becomes obvious when I take a jab at “Fluff and unicorns” at one point. I also then say I love unicorns, and that is more my truth, but you will see how I dismiss and disown it, because I thought and was made to believe that was “stupid” and I was stupid for believing in magic and needed to grow-the-F-up, when what I actually needed was to let my inner child play and believe in magic MORE, not less. What I learned in the creation of the rest of this course throughout the year, was that it gets to be easier, it gets to be more magic, AND I can do the deeper inner work with greater peace, love and trust. This is the adventure we move into over the course of the year ahead!