My muse for this oracle was the moth, she came to me in a dream, and I knew she had gifts for me. I had an immediate intuitive understanding of why the moth and moon appeared, but it wasn’t until I started creating the artwork and writings that more was revealed to me. The symbolism and metaphor of moth are so powerful, and I have always found them kindred spirits. They are the butterflies of the night! Drawn to the light but also made for the dark, they are masters of miraculous transformation, and they create incredible and diverse abundance for all of life!


But moths do all of this more quietly and privately than other lifeforms, though their importance, beauty, and impact in this world is just the same.


Moths are some of the most diverse and successful organisms on Earth, with an amazing diversity of colors and patterns. They are a major part of our biodiversity and play vital roles in the ecosystem, affecting many different types of plants and wildlife. Moths pollinate flowers when other pollinators are asleep, and therefore help in seed production for wild plants, gardens, and food crops. They inhabit every kind of land-based ecosystem, from the highest mountains to lichens, mosses, herbs, and grasses; they live in forests, coasts, grasslands, wetlands, cliffs, front lawns and even ponds. Moths are an essential part of the thriving ecosystem no matter the habitat. Some moths even provide a  ‘winter pollination service’ for winter flowering plants in native forests.


They are also an excellent and vital food source to many different species and animals and birds – which to me, symbolizes how they are nourishing to all of existence. Just like YOU, beloveds.


Moths are also excellent mimics, which allows them to blend seamlessly into a variety of environments, not only for safety but so that they can bring their benefit to those environments! They are said to be like the honey bees of the night. In fact honey bees only actually pollinate about 5-15 percent of crops, which leaves the other 85-95% to be pollinated by moths, butterfly’s, bumblebees, solitary bees, and other insects. This crop pollination is estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. So the moth is an astoundingly valuable and vital contributor to global abundance!


I believe the moth and moon reflect our own ability to fly toward the light, to give everything to what we most love and to trust that trajectory like our life depended on it (because it does), and to harvest gold from the darkness and grow a more beautiful life. The moth never questions her innate and natural drives, the way that her preferences work, or what attracts her; she trusts them completely to take her where she needs to go. She has no idea how her natural preferences and desires for herself are contributing to our entire global well-being, nourishment and economy, and she doesn’t need to in order for that to happen all on its own. It happens as she simply allows what she loves to lead her.


It is my intention this oracle helps you to do the same for yourself. ✨