Sometimes you just need a safe & sacred space to say what's coming up for you without judgement.

Sometimes you cannot take what's troubling you to the people in your life, or even to other coaches, healers or mentors, because you know those troubles are going to be met with well intentioned ideas and feedback that is just going to further frustrate or confuse you. Sometimes you sense that the thing you're wrestling with is too tender to be shared with just anyone, and yet you know you can't do it alone. You want to share it with someone you trust will help you hear and find your own answers, and honor your own truths.

I have been helping people do that for over 30 years, with great success, and it'd be my honor to help you too.

What we are doing with these sessions is opening a sacred healing space for clarity and magic to unfold of their own accord. I have no idea what shows up in that space, and neither do you, but you just share with me what's on your heart and mind and we'll see what medicine wants to come forth for you. Most times it is simply the act of making the decision to enter that space that begins to move the energy.

Here's How IT WORKS:

1. choose & pay for the session option you want (email or video).

2. email me or video message me what's troubling you.

3. I will write back (for email option) or video message you back (for video option).

4. If you prefer a live zoom chat, we can do that too, just choose the video option.

For email sessions, you just write me an email about what's coming up. For video sessions, you can get a free account on and record your video message to me and send me the private video of you sharing your thoughts and feelings, and I watch and reflect and send a private one back. OR if you are video shy, but want my answers in video, you can purchase the video option, write me about what's up for you, and I will record a loom video and send it back to you. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me, and what you share is safe with me and goes no further than me, ever. Send your email or video messages to