Inspiration for the creation of your most authentic life.

You may be asking yourself, what does "authentic life" really mean anyway, and why should I care about it? Your most authentic life is the life that's true to YOU. And not anyone else BUT you. Nobody will understand this life and the way that it flows EXCEPT you, because it is something that is imprinted in your soul. In other words, you already know what makes you deeply happy, fulfilled, and full of love and joy. You already know what brings you peace and ease and a feeling of abundance...

but the world is loud, and the pressure to live up to and satisfy other peoples values and priorities is strong, and so we lose our way. We fall in line with externals, and out of line with our heart and our spirit, and we feel that as lack, within our bodies and minds. The medicine for this is to re-attune yourself to the song of your soul, and your OWN values and priorities. For when you are acting in alignment with what is truly most important to you, you are LIVING YOUR JOY (instead of dreaming about it, and waiting for externals to fulfill you).

I have discovered, in my decades of experience creating and living my most authentic life, that the answer to every problem, question or concern, is LOVE...

unconditional love for who you really are, and what you really want to do, be, have and experience in this lifetime. Love is the WAY and love is the HOW. Love is the block, and love is the breakthrough. Love is the key, and the answer to it all. And I have discovered it is part of my authentic life path to remind myself and others of this love and of the infinite possibilities that exist within it.

I have been mentoring on peace with money for many years now, but the only reason I really do that is so that you won't let money STOP YOU from following your heart. What I really want is for you to follow your heart and soul, and to let yourself be supported in that, abundantly, in all the ways. Because that is where ALL YOUR MAGIC LIES.


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