That’s Sunni like the Sun + E. I am a writer, creator, mystic and mentor and I help people follow their hearts, their dreams, and their most authentic path in life, and to then let money actually support them in that path so it can be the magic carpet it's meant to be to your souls true desires. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to sacrifice your freedom, your quality of life, your time off for the things you most love, or who you really are to live your dreams. Does that sound too good to be true? It isn't. You do not have to choose between freedom and money... but when you carry that belief, you’ll either be successful and totally burnt out —OR— free, but broke, or with no financial stability (or if you are like I was, a constant flux back and forth between the two!). If you’re ready to allow in more, doing less of what you don't love and more of what you do, simply by being moreYOU, you're in the right place. We'll get everything in your life and/or business feeling WAY easier and better in your body, mind, heart and soul.




I used to think I had to be someone else to be successful and to make the kind of money I desired, I thought I had to do things like other people did them, or like the “experts” said to do them, or else I’d never get ahead. And so for a long time I didn’t get ahead... but only becuase I believed that! I couldn’t allow myself to get ahead when I believed that, because that would mean I would have to be somebody I wasn't, and do things I didn't want to do, and even though part of me wanted that... a much bigger part of me DIDN’T. How that manifested in my business was a constant feast or famine cycle. Every time I’d get ahead, something would happen to wipe it all out. There was no stability, there was either too much work, or not enough money, or both, and it was absolutely EXHAUSTING.

One day I woke up with a fire in me to change that story forever, and I did. I now have a more than six figure business with money coming in like clockwork every month, doing what I love the most and taking time off whenever I want to or need. I did that by working on all the beliefs I held about myself, about money, and about the world that blocked me from receiving what I truly wanted. The truth is the only way you can TRULY succeed is by being totally, authentically YOU and doing it your own unique way. Why? Because your wise and brilliant heart and soul will simply NOT let you do otherwise for long. When you try to go against it, you burn out (and so does the money). But the good news is, that same power that has kept you stuck is the very power that’s gonna set you free to have all your hearts desires and more...

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