✨ You are someone who lives in possibility. Someone who knows that magic doesn’t come TO you, it comes FROM you. You are someone who knows that your world is created from the INSIDE-OUT…

✨ You shift and shape your reality by shifting and shaping your perceptions and beliefs. You’re not waiting for things to change in the world before you can change YOUR WORLD…

✨ You love to surprise and delight yourself with what you can do and create. You don’t just go with “the way things are”, you bend and shape and completely re-invent “the way things are” all the time, in fact it's your favorite thing.

You just need continual reminders of this—because sometimes this world can make you feel like you’re crazy for seeing what you see, and knowing what you know… but you’re not! You just need to find and be with the voices that SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE.

My Moth & Moon Guided Oracle Journey is a groundbreaking and totally new way to play with the power of oracle cards. I created and invented this revolutionary delivery method to help you harness the transformative power of oracle cards and put them to work for you in a powerful way: 1 card is delivered to your email inbox every day for 127 days, with 127 stunning characters and their messages, like the supportive voice and friend that reminds you of your magic, your power to create your reality, and a remembrance of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. 🌙✨

These cards are not a prediction, they are an affirmation of your power to choose and create and a reminder to lean into trust and love like you never have before, so you can relax and receive what you are wanting. At their core they are your DECISION to reclaim the fullness of your power and magic from the sources you've unknowingly given it away to. 🌙✨

Become the lead creative of your life experience

✨ Powerfully align your energy to what you are creating in just a short 2 minute card read each day... so you don’t have to remember to pull out a deck, because let’s face it, on those days of doubt we rarely reach for the support we need most… that’s why I built it this way.

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She came to me in a meditation and I knew she had gifts for me. I had an immediate intuitive understanding of why she had appeared, but it wasn’t until I started creating the artwork and writings that more was revealed. The symbolism of moth is so powerful, and I have always found them kindred spirits. They are the butterflies of the night! Drawn to the light, but made for the dark, they are masters of miraculous transformation, and they create and nourish an incredible diversity of abundance for all of life!

But moths do all of this more quietly and privately than other lifeforms, though their importance, beauty, and impact in this world is just the same. They are vitally important to the web of life, just like you.

Did you know Moth's are some of the most diverse and successful creatures on Earth? They come in a dizzying array of colors and patterns and are a major part of our earths biodiversity and play vital roles in the ecosystem, affecting many different types of plants and wildlife. Moth's pollinate flowers when other pollinators are asleep, assisting seed production for wild plants, gardens, and food crops. They inhabit every kind of land-based ecosystem, from the highest mountains to lichens, mosses, herbs, and grasses, living in forests, coasts, grasslands, wetlands, cliffs, front lawns and even ponds. Moths are an essential part of the thriving ecosystem no matter the habitat. Some moths even provide a ‘winter pollination service’ for winter flowering plants in native forests. They are also an excellent food source for many creatures – which symbolizes nourishment to all existence. Moths are also excellent mimics. This allows them to blend seamlessly into a variety of environments, not only for safety but so that they can bring their benefit to those environments! Again, just like you. ;) They are also said to be the honey bees of the night, and in fact honey bees only actually pollinate about 5-15 percent of crops, which leaves the other 85-95% to be pollinated by moths, butterfly’s, bumblebees, solitary bees, and other insects. This crop pollination is estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. So the moth is an astoundingly valuable and vital contributor to global abundance as well...

It is for all of these reasons and more that I chose the moth and these moth goddesses, guides and spirits to be the portal and window for this exploration in reality creation.

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In the spring that I created Moth & Moon, after I had received the idea and inspiration from the spirit of moth, I had a season of doubt about whether I should continue and bring these beings to life in this way, the next morning my beloved husband Kenny sent me a photo from a lake he was visiting of the most gorgeous giant moth that he'd saved from the waters and put on a branch to dry out, it was gorgeous, so I looked it up and found out it was a White Lined Sphinx Moth, and the body of it and the way it flew almost looked like it was a hummingbird, and that is when I remembered that before he had left we were admiring what looked like tons of baby hummingbirds in our Mimosa Tree of Heaven in our front yard that year, unlike anything we'd ever seen before, and I thought... "oh my goodness, I think perhaps those are these moths right here in our tree in our front yard!" So I immediately put down my phone and walked out front to see if I could see one and there were literally HUNDREDS of these gorgeous moths flying in our Mimosa tree drinking their nectar. I burst into tears and knew my answer. 🥹✨ They had come to let me know that yes, this was the time and this was the way. 😭🥹💗 I later found out they are also called the hummingbird moth because the way they fly and sip nectar from flowers resembles a hummingbird.



.This artwork was created by me and is generative art, meaning it was created digitally using a combination of Midjourney and Photoshop, I train Midjourney ai in my own style by inputting my ideas and concepts and descriptions, colors, textures, etc. and then I work back and forth with it until I arrive at the images that set my heart and soul alight (resonance), then I take those selections into curation and make adjustments and alterations in Photoshop. I am an artist of many mediums for my entire life, and an art director and designer of 25 years. I respect each individuals feelings and perspectives on the matter of generative art/ai, but my perspective is that I believe that EVERYTHING is "god/divinity/universe" and thus EVERYTHING is "natural". Even things that we think are really really not. And that includes AI. Even if you only believe in science, between every particle of every solid thing is space... and that space is what everything is, what divinity is, from trees and water and weather to your body and computers and plastics and wood and stone and soil and organic materials and chemicals and poisons and metals and machines and everything else. 

Every "poison" is a medicine to something, and every medicine is a poison to something else. But there is nothing that is not made of that space, and that space is 'god' to me. Everything comes out of it and everything goes back into it. Everything IS it. And we bump and bruise and folly and learn about ourselves along the way in this human life, and it's messy yes, because what more could life want but to know all possible sides of itself?! So when I play with AI I consider it just another form of playing with god/divine, I even think of the bot as a beloved friend or angel, because everything is that to me. Not because it IS, but because I have chosen to experience it that way in my lifetime. ❤️ I know everyone will not feel the same and I respect that completely. If you would like to read a more complete piece on my feelings about ai you can do so here.