This is a mindset and energetics course that will help you embody the ENERGY of someone who knows their work sells itself and to find your own unique and unrepeatable methodology for this that you will then be able to put into practice. The actions necessary will naturally and spontaneously emerge out of this energy once it is cultivated in you and you are able to more fully embody it… and this course is designed to help you do that.

This knowing that your work sells itself already exists in you, we will just be locating it and anchoring you in it. You have a unique energy signature that is infused in everything you do, it’s how you naturally “sell” even before you say a word, and this has been true since your birth. We’re going to tap into that natural and innate power so that you can then use any methods or strategies you want to, the only difference is THEY will not have the power anymore. YOU WILL. When you know that you have and ARE the power, then you are free to explore and try different things just for fun and for the joy of it, instead of feeling like you "have to do it" from a place of lack or fear.

This course is designed to help you discover the already existing space in you where selling your work is a natural extension of your being. Your work has a way about it. I’ll help you discover that way, and start to trust it and YOU.


✅ You know you are the creator of your reality and that your reality mirrors your beliefs and perceptions about yourself and life.

✅ You accept full responsibility for yourself, your choices, your emotions, and your actions.

✅ You love to fully engage in the questions, and intend to live in the answers.

✅ You are passionate about creating your own life and living in your own way, with greater ease and joy.

This course is for business owners or those who want to sell their work, art, services, or products in any way, but frickin’ loathe having to think about "selling". I am not going to be telling you that you need to get over that in this course. I am going to be telling you that that is powerful information and preferences to be aware of, and that you can honor that and find your own unique way to navigate this playing field.

This course is especially powerful for introverted creatives and artists, but can be equally powerful for life-loving, people-loving high achievers who are super successful but don’t want to have to think about marketing tactics, or feel powerless to external events and want to boost their sales and success from the INSIDE-OUT (while their team takes care of the rest).

Whether you do your marketing or someone else does, or you don’t do it at all yet, when you embody the identity of success, success is all that’s possible. Not the kind of success that's like some puffed-up-bravado you have to put on or fake, but the kind that’s like a steady and quiet knowing in the center of you that speaks louder than any words could ever say.

In this time together we’ll be reclaiming your identity of success from externals (that you have no control over) and putting it back in it’s original home in you. If you feel like the ‘next level successful you’ has to be or look very different than who you are now, that is not sustainable, and part of you knows that and will not let you move ahead with any less than what feels like YOU, and feels good and easy for you. This is by design! Nature always goes the path of least resistance, it does this to conserve energy for more life and you are no different. That is how you are designed as well, so we will be working with that design.

Your work knows who it's for, and who it's for, knows IT. It has a life and intelligence of its own. I'm here to help you remember it, and let that knowing work for you.

ABOUT ME: I have been in business for 25 years, and I completely stabilized my income, grew it wildly beyond my expectations, and ended the feast or famine rollercoaster of self-employment. I revolutionized the business model, I did unprecedented things in the industry, and all of it was created from my embodiment of this knowing from the inside-out (and my working on my identity in relationship to money). I have no big following, and I never marketed to do any of that. I am not recommending that, nor am I saying that's the right path for you, I am just letting you know what is possible when you DECIDE. Big followings and marketing in all kinds of ways are also extremely valuable and fun things to play with and can obviously be even more successful, but they are not a fundamental requirement for success. Our beliefs create our reality, I'll be helping you find yours and work with them to create your OWN greatest version of success.

How It Works: 8 weeks, 2 short (15-20 min) video lessons per week + integration time. You can watch/listen on your own time and schedule, with automatic delivery to your inbox. There will be occasional Q&A's where you can submit an anonymous question or share and the recorded video answers will be sent straight to your inbox to watch when you like.

EASY TO USE Introvert Friendly Format: There are no social media groups to join, no calls to show up to, and no public or digital place you need to go and share your personal and private deets in front of total strangers. Plus no changing out of your jammies to jump on Zoom. There are also no passwords, logins or websites to keep track of, it all is delivered to your inbox. There will be a form to submit any questions privately and anonymously—not even I will see who the question came from — I will pool them and select as many as I can to speak to in an audio or video format that will be delivered to your inbox to watch or listen to when it's convenient for you.

SNEAK-PEEK! : scroll below for a snippet sneak-peak sample of one of the videos in the course. Some days are slides with visuals of my art and me talking along with the prompts for you to explore, other days are face to face videos. This clip below is from day 14 of the course from 'The Pole Of Magnetism' module speaking about the embodiment of your natural and innate already-existing pole of magnetism. 👇

$600 (you can pay in installments using a payment plan using Affirm or Klarna at checkout)

by purchasing below you agree that you are a self-led individual and the creator of your reality, that your reality reflects your beliefs and perceptions, and you take full responsibility for your choices and state of being, and you are open and ready to create your dream business and life from the inside-out by examining those perceptions and beliefs with sincerity, in the privacy of your own home and space, and you understand and agree that your results are your responsibility and that all sales are final.