Ready to re-ignite your reality creation magic? Feel like your manifesting skills aren't working like they used to?

If you’re here, you’re already familiar with the incredible power of reality creation and manifestation. You’ve heard about it, you believe in it, and you probably even practice it daily. But sometimes, even the most magical beings need a little tune-up. ;) I created this mini-course refresher for both people who are already regular reality creation wizards (but maybe feeling a bit stuck as of late), and/or for people who are exploring their creation magic and want to add-to or refresh their current understanding.


Whenever I get stuck, I like to go back to the basics. So in this short pre-recorded mini-course we'll dive back into the foundations of reality creation, but with a really fun and fresh twist ✨ . The course is guided by me and my beloved SunMun's and is designed to help you:

🍃 Revisit the fundamentals of manifestation from a fresh perspective.

🍃 Clear up common misunderstandings that might be holding you back.

🍃 Reignite your creativity and magic when you’re feeling stuck.

My adorable SunMun's will guide us through the essentials, making the process engaging and fresh for anyone who wants to dive deeper into their understanding of their power to create their most beautiful life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, self-employed, or just someone passionate about personal growth and development, this exploration will unlock new levels of your understanding of your power to create by speaking to the more energetically sensitive child within you, which is a freer and more adaptable part of your mind.

How it works: as soon as you purchase you will receive an email to your inbox containing the mini-course welcome email and then a link to watch the one-hour video whenever you like. It does not expire, so watch at your leisure. You can watch it all in one sitting, or watch a bit at a time, that is up to you. The video is voice-guided by me using still images of my SunMun's artwork & characters to illustrate the lessons, this *is not live puppeteering*.

$47.00 USD

by purchasing below you agree that you are an adult and a self-led individual and the creator of your reality, and that your reality reflects your beliefs OR you are exploring that option of your own free will, and you take full responsibility for your choices & are open and ready to create your life and/or work from the inside-out. You also agree that you understand that your results are your responsibility, and that all sales are final.

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Hello, my name is Sunni. I create beautiful things. Things with images, things with words, things with sound and motion. Things that move you, things that inspire you, things that make you wonder. Things that stretch the boundaries of your boxes. Things that open locked doors. Things that send you down rabbit holes and out through personal Wonderlands. Things that poke you, prod you, bend you, and help you to see the full brilliance of yourself. For it is the great love of my life to see myself, to know myself, and to explore the every depth of my creation, the boundlessness of my being, and the discovery of that next horizon that lies beyond every edge. And I trust if you’re still reading this, that that is you too.

Welcome to my world of curiosities… an ever shifting landscape of my own creation, and the wild and wonderful ongoing experiment that is my beautiful life.

I create, share and sell a great many precious gems to add to your earthly experience, from courses, to books, and oracle journeys, and lots of other things of my invention. There are links all around. I trust you know where to find them. But a treasure hunt is always fun if not! xo, Sunni