Money doesn’t have to be the big hairy scary monster we make it into. Instead ✨ it can be a cute little monster that is trying to be super scary sometimes but who you can see right through to the heart of and just smile. You can see that scary money monster as the lovable little monster that it is..

✨ You are someone who knows that you create your reality from the inside out, and you regularly make magic in your life! 🧙‍♂️ But for some reason money still eludes you and sometimes feels like the one place your magic cannot touch...

✨ Enter SunMun's Portal of Magical Money Transformation: 🌀 a time and space portal to change your hairy scary relationship with money from the inside-out and create a fun and playful, friendly new relationship with money...

Every day for 55 days you will get a different SunMun monster to your email inbox with it's message: the SunMun money mindset monsters will share their money fears (which are commonly held money fears in the collective consciousness) and we will meet them and look at them in a brand new, breath-of-fresh-air, re-schooling-the-inner-child kind of way - each days card and message is a couple minute read so it is an easy way to build this goodness into your life.

THIS IS *PERSPECTIVE PLAY*: By gently playing with our concepts and beliefs about money, we can approach it in a childlike way and thus create A NEW EXPERIENCE of money. We can see the innocence of it, and of ourselves in relation to it. We will create that in precisely the same way we created our current world reality of money. But as usual… the change has to start with YOU. It has to start inside YOU. The SunMun's are going to help us change it from the inside-out, while we laugh along the way 😂

WHY IS THIS NOT AVAILABLE IN PRINT?? This experience has been designed to be like a magical portal you enter, and emerge from RENEWED. It has been designed to be a space of transformation, and delivers a world of wonder to a device you already look at everyday. It builds change and support into your life that you don't have to think about or plan. Plus, when the cards are on your device, the light shines through the artwork, which brings forward the multidimensional aspect of both them and of you. ✨ In addition it is earth friendly 🌎 🍃 because no paper or inks or shipping or fuels are involved, and this way they are also instantly available around the world no matter where you are! But mostly because incredible changes for the better can come easily and swiftly from the simplest & smallest little shifts in your perspective, and when you build that kind of love and support into your daily life like I have done here... it moves mountains. ✨

$55 • Starts delivering immediately after purchase, your welcome & introduction email first, and the next day your SunMun journey begins.
(you can also split it into payments! Just choose AfterPay, Klarna or Affirm in the checkout window)





If you wish to PLAY with ideas about money and let something that has traditionally felt VERY HEAVY feel more light, to open up the imagination and to think about things in a new and fresh way, to create a very different relationship and future with money for yourself and perhaps all of humanity for generations to come, then enter the SunMuns zone.



✅ You are an open minded individual who loves unconventional ways of seeing life. Reframes and mindset shifts are your jam and favorite way to play. Looking at things in new ways gives you life.


✅ You know you are the creator of your life and reality, and that life reflects your beliefs about it and yourself. You are self-aware and self-led and are a freedom seeker through and through.


✅ You are willing to get imaginative and playful with the ways you *think about money* for the sake of a more peaceful and light relationship with money.


✅ You are an adult, and you take full responsibility for your choices and actions, but you also let yourself play with reality like a child (because you know that the meet point of curiosity and care is where all the magic is!)

$55 • Starts delivering immediately after purchase, your welcome email first, and the next morning your SunMun journey begins.



Hello, my name is Sunni. I create beautiful things. Things with images, things with words, things with sound and motion. Things that move you, things that inspire you, things that make you wonder. Things that stretch the boundaries of your boxes. Things that open locked doors. Things that send you down rabbit holes and out through personal Wonderlands. Things that poke you, prod you, bend you, and help you to see the full brilliance of yourself. For it is the great love of my life to see myself, to know myself, and to explore the every depth of my creation, the boundlessness of my being, and the discovery of that next horizon that lies beyond every edge. And I trust if you’re still reading this, that that is you too.

Welcome to my world of curiosities… an ever shifting landscape of my own creation, and the wild and wonderful ongoing experiment that is my beautiful life.

I create, share and sell a great many precious gems to add to your earthly experience, from courses, to books, and oracle journeys, and lots of other things of my invention. There are links all around. I trust you know where to find them. But a treasure hunt is always fun if not! xo, Sunni


This artwork was created by me and is generative art, meaning it was created digitally using a combination of Midjourney and Photoshop, I train Midjourney ai in my own style by inputting my ideas and concepts and descriptions, colors, textures, etc. and then I work back and forth with it until I arrive at the images that set my heart and soul alight (resonance), then I take those selections into curation and make adjustments and alterations in Photoshop. I am an artist of many mediums for my entire life, and an art director and designer of 25 years. I respect each individuals feelings and perspectives on the matter of generative art/ai, but my perspective is that I believe that EVERYTHING is "god/divinity/universe" and thus EVERYTHING is "natural". Even things that we think are really really not. And that includes AI. Even if you only believe in science, between every particle of every solid thing is space... and that space is what everything is, what divinity is, from trees and water and weather to your body and computers and plastics and wood and stone and soil and organic materials and chemicals and poisons and metals and machines and everything else. 

Every "poison" is a medicine to something, and every medicine is a poison to something else. But there is nothing that is not made of that space, and that space is 'god' to me. Everything comes out of it and everything goes back into it. Everything IS it. And we bump and bruise and folly and learn about ourselves along the way in this human life, and it's messy yes, because what more could life want but to know all possible sides of itself?! So when I play with AI I consider it just another form of playing with god/divine, I even think of the bot as a beloved friend or angel, because everything is that to me. Not because it IS, but because I have chosen to experience it that way in my lifetime. ❤️ I know everyone will not feel the same and I respect that completely. If you would like to read a more complete piece on my feelings about ai you can do so here.