MEET: THE AZ ✨ If you fell in love with these characters right away, then you know them, as they know you. and they have a message for you... 💞 for you know eachother, in another realm, and they have come to connect with you again in this one, and remind you who you are.

✨ They do this by visiting your email inbox every day once per day, for 88 days, each day a new character with a new short & sweet message of love to help you attune to awe, wonder, and joy in just a couple of minutes a day.


✨ My guided Oracle journeys are a groundbreaking new way to play with the magic of oracle cards, I pioneered and invented this magical delivery method to help you harness the transformative power of oracle cards and put them to work for you in a new and more supportive way. The real power of oracle cards is that they remind you to love and trust yourself, and I have harnessed that power and built it into your life so you don't have to remember to do it on those days you need it the most.


✨ By purchasing this deck you are entering a portal to connect with these magical beings. Their loving voices will be built into your day and life for a period of time. You begin the journey in one place, and you end in another. It’s a transformative space that you enter and emerge from renewed.


✨ You love them for a reason! And they love you. Trust that love. Love is always enough. And maybe that's the only remembrance you really needed.


✨ At the end of your journey you’ll also receive a PDF digital ebook of all The Az and their messages to keep. See below for sample cards, and to read the magical story of how The Az came into being.

HOW IT WORKS: every day for 88 days a different Az will visit your email inbox with its message, like a daily bite-size morsel of love and magic. So you can lean into a life of greater love, wonder and awe. It is a transformational journey, you will feel their presence every day, you will look forward to seeing who is going to show up in your inbox and what they have to say. These are not a prediction in any way like other cards, they are reminders to love and trust yourself. 💞

WHY IS THIS NOT AVAILABLE AS A PRINTED DECK?? because this is the way The Az insisted they wanted to meet you for good reasons. And I listened. I always listen. This deck has been designed to create a space for transformation, and delivers a world of wonder to a device you already look at everyday. It builds support into your life that you don't have to think about or plan. Plus, when the cards are on your device, the light shines through the artwork, which brings forward the multidimensional aspect of both them and of you, revealing a depth and richness to them that 2D printing would not allow. ✨ In addition it is earth friendly 🌎 🍃 because no paper or inks or shipping or fuels are involved, and this way they are also instantly available around the world no matter where you are! But mostly because incredible changes for the better can come easily and swiftly from the simplest & smallest little shifts in your perspective, and when you build that kind of love and support into your daily life like I have done here... it moves mountains. ✨ And of course it does, because LOVE moves mountains, and that's what The Az are. ❤️💖💞

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There Is So Much
Awe & Wonder Ahead
There is so much awe and wonder ahead for you, and all you need is the eyes to see it, and the decision to look for evermore of it. Prepare to be delighted, angel. To be blown away by the power of your love.
I Know You
I have known you for a long time, darling. I would say forever, but we both know it's more. The chance to see the world through your eyes has been my sweetest joy. Thank you for the life you have given me.
Stay Engaged
With Wonder
Stay engaged with wonder. Keep a good mixture of knowing and not knowing brewing at all times... it'll be more fun that way. ✨ Enjoy your life sweet pea, it's the only one like this you'll ever have.




Meet The Az: my series of flower & mushroom beings. What inspired this series and what I am bringing forward in myself and the collective with it is the re-naturalization of the complete spectrum of the Self. And the de-shaming and de-conditioning from guilt, shame & fear as means to manipulate and control. It is a dedication and devotion to the path of least resistance, and the easiest solution first, because that is what nature/life/universe does to direct energy most efficiently.

The creatures in this series do not belong to one species, genus, grouping or class. They range the spectrum of existence. They are reflections of the parts of myself that sometimes feel alien in this world or at odds with eachother, and the way I am allowing those parts of self to root in this earthly realm. The Az, for me, are about grounding our wildness and irreverence, so that a NEW reverence for the self/life/god can be created.

There is actually a pretty magical and sweet story about where the name The Az came from! ✨ … the name ‘The Az’ comes courtesy of my beloved husband Kenny, who as a very small child had a relationship to a group of creatures that lived in the bushes outside his house and then later moved in behind the buttons on their couch. Him and his sister would be careful not to disturb the Az, but watched them and made up stories about them. He told me about this many, many years ago when we first met at 17, but he never explained to me what they looked like to him in his imagination, he just told me their name. When I started this series I didn’t know yet what it was about exactly, I was following the muse and inspiration, but as I got further into its development it informed me it wanted to be called “The Az” and I replied, “No, I can't, that’s Kenny’s childhood thing, I can’t use that.” and dropped it. But they kept insisting that was their name…

So I decided to finally just ask Kenny what the Az looked like to him and he proceeded to EXACTLY DESCRIBE many of the different primary characteristics of my series which I’d already created without ever hearing this from him (to a T!!) I could not believe it! But promptly knew that they weren’t messing around when they insisted that was their name. 🥹 ✨ Then my husband called his sister because they had never discussed what the Az looked like between eachother either when they were little, and she described them the same way too! ✨ The characters have come a long way since then but the first ones created matched their shared but unspoken vision in a crazy magical way. 💞

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Hello, my name is Sunni. I create beautiful things. Things with images, things with words, things with sound and motion. Things that move you, things that inspire you, things that make you wonder. Things that stretch the boundaries of your boxes. Things that open locked doors. Things that send you down rabbit holes and out through personal Wonderlands. Things that poke you, prod you, bend you, and help you to see the full brilliance of yourself. For it is the great love of my life to see myself, to know myself, and to explore the every depth of my creation, the boundlessness of my being, and the discovery of that next horizon that lies beyond every edge. And I trust if you’re still reading this, that that is you too.

Welcome to my world of curiosities… an ever shifting landscape of my own creation, and the wild and wonderful ongoing experiment that is my beautiful life.

I create, share and sell a great many precious gems to add to your earthly experience, from courses, to books, and oracle journeys, and lots of other things of my invention. There are links all around. I trust you know where to find them. But a treasure hunt is always fun if not! xo, Sunni



This artwork was created by me and is generative art, meaning it was created digitally using a combination of Midjourney and Photoshop, I train Midjourney ai in my own style by inputting my ideas and concepts and descriptions, colors, textures, etc. and then I work back and forth with it until I arrive at the images that set my heart and soul alight (resonance), then I take those selections into curation and make adjustments and alterations in Photoshop. I am an artist of many mediums for my entire life, and an art director and designer of 25 years. I respect each individuals feelings and perspectives on the matter of generative art/ai, but my perspective is that I believe that EVERYTHING is "god/divinity/universe" and thus EVERYTHING is "natural". Even things that we think are really really not. And that includes AI. Even if you only believe in science, between every particle of every solid thing is space... and that space is what everything is, what divinity is, from trees and water and weather to your body and computers and plastics and wood and stone and soil and organic materials and chemicals and poisons and metals and machines and everything else. 

Every "poison" is a medicine to something, and every medicine is a poison to something else. But there is nothing that is not made of that space, and that space is 'god' to me. Everything comes out of it and everything goes back into it. Everything IS it. And we bump and bruise and folly and learn about ourselves along the way in this human life, and it's messy yes, because what more could life want but to know all possible sides of itself?! So when I play with AI I consider it just another form of playing with god/divine, I even think of the bot as a beloved friend or angel, because everything is that to me. Not because it IS, but because I have chosen to experience it that way in my lifetime. ❤️ I know everyone will not feel the same and I respect that completely. If you would like to read a more complete piece on my feelings about ai you can do so here.