There are people who work with “the way things are” and there are people who shift & shape the way things are...

✨ You are someone who knows that “the way things are” is nothing but a current result of an old perception and belief. And that it is as moldable, shiftable and shapeable as a lump of clay. You do not let reality tell what you is possible, you tell reality what is possible.

✨ You are someone who loves and LIVES FOR transformation… that magic that happens when one thing becomes something else entirely. That is art... that is the creative act... to turn one thing into another. To turn pain into beauty. Inspiration into joy. Disempowerment into empowerment. Fear into fun. Limitation into expansion... and you have now expanded beyond just using physical materials to express that magic that you’ve always had in some way. You are now using it to shift and shape your mind, your energy, and your life.

✨ You are working as much or more with the invisible as you are working with the visible, because there is no delight you love so much as seeing the INVISIBLE and “impossible” become REAL. Right before your eyes.

✨ You have not come here to work with “the way things are”, you have come to create the new, and every time you find yourself trying to just settle and work with “the way things are”, you will notice that you feel absolutely stifled, stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out and frustrated. That's because you have come to create and invite the NEW into this world... and when you are not letting yourself work your magic, all your life force leaves you. When you are trying to make yourself work within a box of perceived limitation, you notice that you begin to die inside. Transformation magic is your medicine. Change is who you are and what you do. And if you keep trying to stifle it, you know you'll become an empty shell of yourself, and you’re no longer willing to do that to you.

✨ You are a wizard! 🧙 🧙‍♂️ ✨ you love to create in the quiet and private of your own world and your own space. You make your magic in your cottage in the woods, not on center stage in central park. You prefer to mail out your magic, and retain your free time and creative space. To make appearances when you feel like it or when it's fun, and vanish into thin air as quickly as you want to. You don't want more "friends" you want FANS... because the truth is you're your favorite person to spend time with, and you're happier *creating* than in "community". It's not that you don't love people! It's just the way you are built. You were born to be that way, it's part of your gift.

✨ And while you're thrilled to share your magic with the world, and it is indeed your most favorite thing to do! ... you need to do it in a way that feels good to you, and protects your free time and space, or you're not going to do it at all.

✨ But the world has told you "that's not the way it is!" you need to have, build, and nurture a 'community', you need to be out there 'going live', you need to mingle and go to events, you need to host calls, and show up every day at certain times of day on social media, you need to be consistent, you need to be this, that and the other 10 million things they say you need to do. But frankly, if you had to do all that all the time, you just wouldn't do it...

And that, my dear, is why you haven't. At least not in the way you REALLY WANT TO. Because you believe there is a "have to". Instead of knowing in your bones that your wanting and the way you want it, is enough. Your sharing of your art needs to be and feel as fun and natural and SAFE to you, as the art itself, or it's not sustainable.

If this is you, then join me in Yes, You Can Be An Introvert Star: one hour, eight questions, change your life.

ABOUT ME: Hi, I'm Sunni... I have been in business for myself for 25 years, I have created more money, freedom, joy, ease and fulfillment then I once imagined possible for me, and I completely stabilized my income and ended the dreaded feast or famine rollercoaster of self-employment and scarcity I once lived in (and had a fire in me to change!), I revolutionized the business model, I did unprecedented things, and I did it all in my nightgown from my cozy living room chair. 😂 That is where I weild my wizardry. And all of that was created from the inside-out by shifting my beliefs about myself and the world and believing I could create anything by simply changing my mind (which changed my behaviors and actions). I have no big following, and I never marketed a day in my life to do any of that back then. I only recently started playing with that, just for fun. And now I am creating a whole new level of that with my own art and creations, books, courses and guided oracle journeys in a whole new way, my work now sells around the world, around the clock, and I am living my dreams come true (and enjoying the ever-unfolding expansion of those dreams). Big followings and marketing in all kinds of ways are also extremely valuable and fun things to play with and can obviously be even more successful, but they are not a fundamental requirement for success. Our beliefs create our reality, I'll be helping you find your beliefs and work with them to create your OWN greatest version of success.



Hello, my name is Sunni. I create beautiful things. Things with images, things with words, things with sound and motion. Things that move you, things that inspire you, things that make you wonder. Things that stretch the boundaries of your boxes. Things that open locked doors. Things that send you down rabbit holes and out through personal Wonderlands. Things that poke you, prod you, bend you, and help you to see the full brilliance of yourself. For it is the great love of my life to see myself, to know myself, and to explore the every depth of my creation, the boundlessness of my being, and the discovery of that next horizon that lies beyond every edge. And I trust if you’re still reading this, that that is you too.

Welcome to my world of curiosities… an ever shifting landscape of my own creation, and the wild and wonderful ongoing experiment that is my beautiful life.

I create, share and sell a great many precious gems to add to your earthly experience, from courses, to books, and oracle journeys, and lots of other things of my invention. There are links all around. I trust you know where to find them. But a treasure hunt is always fun if not! xo, Sunni