This series is an exploration of, and deepening into, my love of momentum and movement, creation, and the pursuit of the feeling place of beauty. I am a great lover of wind and water, and I was born in November, so am perpetually enraptured with the autumn palette. These figures capture the way that I FEEL when I am in the movement of creation, or out in the wind or in the water. I created them to integrate and embody the element of air into my being, and to remind myself of the importance and beauty of that movement when my watery soul gets a bit too heavy in the deep. Though I do not look like these women, I sometimes FEEL like them, and I wanted to capture that feeling and allow myself to bask in that knowing and feeling for as long as I desired. These women are not real, but they’re a part of me, they represent a side of me that has been quite repressed. The deeply feminine aspect that leans in full trust into ease, joy, pleasure, passion and her own power of creation. This series was my way to set her free. I hope they set something free in you too.

These pieces are designed to be visual anchors of your intentions and affirmations, so that each time you see them or walk past them, you are reminded of that feeling place you want to create more of in your life. It’s  like a subliminal message you put up on your wall that works on you daily without you even having to think about it, inviting you to embody the feeling of flow with total ease.

These pieces are now available in my Etsy shop as either digital downloads that you can have printed yourself at your favorite vendor, or as large format museum quality prints that come ready to be framed. The images in this series were created digitally using a combination of softwares and design tools, including Midjourney, Photoshop & Lightroom. For more about my perspective on AI art tools please visit