Take this short energetic & somatic money journey with me over the course of 4 days and heal and release old money patterns on an energetic level so you can experience more abundance and yumminess in your life in every single way.

Here's How It Works:

This experience delivers to your inbox every day for 4 days, and will walk you through a brand new totally unique process meditative energetic process. Each audio/video will be about 20 minutes or less but you should do these while you are alone, and will be uninterrupted and in comfortable clothing with some water and a journal nearby to take notes. Don't worry the somatic/body portion is not any type of "physical exercise", it is meditative visualization and energy movement using your hands, your inner vision, and your imagination. So you can do it all seated or laying down. The experience begins as soon as you join.

Day 1: body / energy work

Day 2: body / energy work

Day 3: mental mapping / inquiry & energy clearing

Day 4: body / energy work & final integration method


1. You know you are a creator and that reality reflects your beliefs about it and about yourself.

2. You make your own choices and know that you are fully responsible for yourself, your results, and inner state.


✅ by purchasing below you agree that you understand and agree with all of the prerequisites for this experience, and that you understand your results are your responsibility and that all sales are final.

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