What happens when you remove the crippling weight of expectations and allow yourself to be truly loved and nourished?

That is what we're going to find out in this sweet and simple easy-to-integrate-into-your-life 6 week email course for introverts. It is an experiment in the least amount of effort producing the most beautiful results. All are welcome to join. The only thing you need is a dream or desire, and a willingness to open your heart and explore your own deeper peace and fulfillment. We're gonna take all of the pressure off and explore your own particular brand of magic in your own unique time and way.

Here's How It Works:

• 1 short video at the beginning of each week (5-10 min max).

• 1 short & sweet email check in at the end of the week

• There is no homework, only invitations to explore as you see fit.

• There are no deadlines or due dates.

• There are no to-do lists.

• There are no requirements & no expectations you must meet.

• There is nothing you have to do, become, or achieve here.

• There are not any reading materials (and I'm a writer!) you're welcome.

• All you have to do is be you.

This course will help connect you with your already brilliant heart and soul, and practice deepening in active surrender (I will explain what that means in the course—don't worry it's not as active as it sounds, if you're lazy like me and getting scurred, lol). At the beginning of each week you’ll get a short invitation to explore on your own time and in your own way, and at the end of each week you’ll get an email with a short & sweet check-in to reflect. This course is designed to easily and gently activate your power to create your most beautiful and authentic life in just a handful of minutes a week, so that it's not just one more thing you have to do, but you still receive huge benefits from the ripple effect of these moments. This particular course does this by exploring and putting you in touch with what you ACTUALLY LOVE in life, with what is nourishing and fulfilling to you, and with what truly matters to you, it will give you further clarity on who you are and what you want.

Introvert Friendly Format:

There are no social media groups to join, no calls to show up to, and no public or digital place you need to go and share your personal and private deets in front of total strangers. Plus no changing out of your jammies to jump on Zoom. There will be a form to submit any thoughts, questions, challenges or shares privately and anonymously—not even I will see who the question or share came from — I will pool them and select as many as I can to speak to in an audio or video that will be delivered to your inbox to watch when it's convenient for you.


$198 course starts delivering as soon as you purchase.

✅ by purchasing below you agree that you understand you are the creator of your reality, and that you are open to the idea that great change for the better in your life can come in extremely simple, easy, and uncomplicated ways, and that the small loving shifts can create big results. And that you agree that you understand that your results are your responsibility, and that all sales are final.



I used to dream of just having more time and money to travel around with my husband and our fur babies Haddie & June, going to beautiful places in nature, adventuring and relaxing, eating yummy food, being awe-inspired by nature and having fun. At first, all I wanted was my business to support more of that... more of the life I truly loved, but what happened to me when I followed that call was so much more than that!

But it was that desire that pulled me past ALL my resistance and into the life I truly wanted, which was FAR RICHER in both money and in love than I had ever allowed myself to dream.

There have been more miracles now than I can count since I started that journey, and it all began with a single step. My books and courses are everything I did to move towards creating my most beautiful life, and I created them in the hopes that they can perhaps be your next step into all YOUR dreams come true too!

It is my belief that when you learn to love and embrace more of the REAL YOU, you start to operate from a more effortless feeling place. The caveat, however, is that you will resist what is most joyful and/or easiest for you and discount the value of it immensely! Because we have been taught that what hurts the most and is hardest is the most effective and the most "real". But I am here to help turn that around, so you can allow more ease and joy in your life.

All you need to join this course is a dream, a desire, and a willingness to open your heart and explore your own deeper peace and fulfillment. It will be just one breadcrumb on your path of many to a life beyond your wildest dreams.