Make Peace with Money & Live a More Prosperous Life

✌️ If you are a human who wants much more for your life and/or business but also feels perpetually conflicted and/or guilty and ashamed about that, this is for you.  


✌️ If you are a human who wants to prioritize peace and freedom but also wants to have plenty of money to live a freer life, this is for you. 


✌️ If you are a human who loves to create, give and share, but has a more difficult time receiving, this is for you.


✌️ If you are a human who wants a greater flow of money without any added fear or stress, this is for you.


✌️ Non-humans are also welcome (though human dollars are required). ;)  


How It Works: 11 weeks, 1 email per week with your workshop videos (10-30 min max), you can watch/listen on your own time and schedule and you can take it self-paced if you like there's no rush, the videos will be there whenever you're ready. You can submit questions at any time during the workshop via a private questionnaire and I will be answering questions regularly.

PREREQUISITES: You know that your reality reflects your beliefs about it, and that your perception of yourself and life shapes your reality and experience of it. You accept responsibility for your choices and reality, and are ready to set yourself free by examining those beliefs with sincerity (in the privacy of your own home/space).

Introvert Friendly Format: There are no social media groups to join, no calls to show up to, and no public or digital place you need to go and share your personal and private deets in front of total strangers. Plus no changing out of your jammies to jump on Zoom. There will be a form to submit any thoughts, questions, challenges or shares privately and anonymously—not even I will see who the question or share came from — I will pool them and select as many as I can to speak to in an audio or video format that will be delivered to your inbox to watch or listen to when it's convenient for you.

$444 —OR— $185 per month for 3 months.

PAYPAL 3 payment plan: of $185 PER MONTH