May 29, 2022

Bearing The Fruit

Orange tree in the back, and text in front: Bearing The Fruit

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The fruit of your labors of love comes in seasons. Just like actual fruit. There is a time and place for everything. All of our processes are necessary and normal.
There is a time for the planting of the seeds, there is a time for the darkness of the breaking open of those seeds to sprout something new, and there is a time for emergence from that darkness into light, a time for rapid new growth to shoot towards the sky, and a time for blossoming and bearing the fruit…
Which then drops to the earth to start the whole cycle over.
The secret to a beautiful and luscious garden of life that you can feast on year-round then is this: you must get to know what you are planting, and you must honor its (and your) seasons and cycles.
That does NOT mean you need to have a meticulous plan or to know where it’s all going exactly, but it does mean you need to pay attention to what’s happening NOW in your garden, and tend to what it needs NOW.
Master gardeners and farmers plant so that there are continual cycles of growth and blooming and continual cycles of rest, cutting back, and renewal. There are times to tend to bare and fallow ground, and times to tend to harvest…
And all of these are honored as equally vital parts of great abundance.
So which season are you in now in your life? Or perhaps different parts of your life are in different seasons of growth, like different patches of crops on a farm. Perhaps different projects or offerings or creative ventures are in their own stages as well.
It might be helpful to note which cycle each one of those things is in right now. Perhaps you have a previous job or career that has fruited or is fruiting, but the fruit is starting to rot and go back to ground. Perhaps you have some new projects just in seed stage. Perhaps you have some projects you’ve been tending as seeds that are now tender shoots still requiring much of your protection and nurturing.
I find it very helpful to reflect on this this way and to honor the stage I’m in or the stage the different parts of my life are at. Because we live in a culture now where it’s easy to slip into the mindset that you have to be constantly ON and in bloom, and it’s exhausting, and more importantly, it’s not the truth.
It just looks that way from the outside. But from the inside, you will see there are cycles.
The work that I do in my Feast or Famine No More Course is about continually tending to and caring for your garden of life, so that things that have bloomed and come to fruit can be put into jars and shelved to sustain you through your winters and your early growing seasons when nothing is yet coming to harvest from those things.
It is the work that helps your mind to OPEN to new ways in which to do that, by healing the places in your heart and soul that need healing and have been keeping those ways out.
My Feast or Famine No More Course is open year-round, and you are always invited in to begin your journey from wherever you’re at. It is a slow and nourishing train ride to a more bountiful future for yourself and ALL HUMANKIND.
Because I want to help you bear your own fruits in your very OWN WAY and OWN TIME.
My ONLY promise with this work – and with any of my work – is that you will find and feel more YOU. And reclaim your authentic life path and your own version of your own greatest happiness.
It’s all I want for you. It’s all I want for me!
Come and join me if you feel called,
I’d love to have you. 
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