January 7, 2024

Money is a means to transform things

The image features a decorative setup with a central theme of a house and stars. At the forefront, there is a small, warmly lit house model surrounded by lit candles placed on a wooden tray. Behind the house, there are star-shaped decorations with intricate cut-out patterns, likely made from metal or paper, which cast shadows on the wall. The background is dark, emphasizing the light from the candles. Across the top, there's a website address: sunnichapman.com. Overlaid on the image is a bold statement that reads "MONEY IS A MEANS TO TRANSFORM THINGS" in stylized, large font. Below the main quote, in smaller text, it says "MAKE MORE, DOING LESS, BEING YOU." The text and the visual elements combine to suggest a message about the transformative power of money aligned with personal growth and minimalism.

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Money transforms one thing into another thing. It’s kind of like magic. We turn things into money, and we turn money into things
It’s a form of wizardry that you get to enact every day—transforming money into goods and services, and goods and services into money, in an infinite dance and flow throughout your lifetime. 
Like breathing. Just. like. breathing.
You breathe in oxygen, and your lungs exchange it for carbon dioxide that is breathed out. It’s an exchange, a transformation that happens in your body and cells without you having to even think about it, and it happens all day long every single day.
Now imagine if every time you breathed in you thought “oh shit, what if my cells are broken, what if they don’t convert this into carbon dioxide, what if the ratio isn’t correct, what if I run out of oxygen, what if my cells don’t do their job and convert this, what if…” 
— suddenly breathing wouldn’t feel so easy anymore either, now would it?
Now it’s UBER important to notice, that while all that was going on in your head, and this nightmare scenario was unfolding in your head… you’d still be breathing. 
In and out. 
Maybe faster. Maybe harder. Maybe painfully. But still breathing. Your worries don’t stop that exchange and transformation from happening, they don’t stop the breathing from happening, it happens just the same.
Just like money. It flows in and out of your life, it always has, and it always will. It’s the stories you’re believing about it that effect how that feels to you and how you experience that. 
You’re afraid to let money be as easy as breathing because what if you’re wrong and it runs out and you’re F-d…
Well, you are perfectly aware that you could also stop breathing at any time as well, you’re aware that is a possibility, but you have enough trust to just relax and keep breathing, and that’s simply because you’ve noticed it’s always there. You’ve normalized it being there.
Have you noticed the money that’s always there? And always been there? Maybe it’s been super low at times, maybe it’s been super high at times, maybe it’s been both, but there it is, and there it always was. 
In and out. In and out, 
like breathing.
Also, it’s important to note, you don’t live in a world where on the news and the media and social media every day people are talking about “oh my god there’s not enough air! And there’s not going to be enough air! And air is evil, and air is the root of all our problems, and if you care about air you’re a selfish pig! And don’t talk about air! Only greedy a-holes talk about air! Air is in extremely limited supply! Hoard your air! Don’t hoard your air! Only the top percents get air!…” etc. etc.
If you DID live in a world where that was the case, you would have a VERY DIFFERENT relationship to breathing. Is it any wonder you have a conflicted relationship with money??
We don’t experience things as they are, we experience them as we perceive them. The particles are literally changed by the observer. The reality is bent to the lens of the one that looks. 
And when this perception of money is constantly being warped in the way I above described, it’s vital that you make a decision about how YOU are going to see and experience money in YOUR life.
The solution to creating more ease with money is simply to notice the exchange of money that’s happening all the time, that transformation that is happening all the time, normalize that… and then question your stressful stories about that.
Decide to see it in a new light,
and it will indeed transform.
*and if you have already decided to change your money story 👇👇👇



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Artistic illustration featuring a serene woman's face, eyes closed, with a radiant gold halo intricately detailed with patterns and musical notes, suggesting a celestial or dreamlike quality. The text 'My Work Sells Itself' is prominently displayed, with a subtitle 'It knows who it's for & who it's for knows it', implying a confident and mystical connection between the art and its audience.