March 7, 2021

“That Is So Naive”


If you, or anyone else, is calling you “naive” for who you are or how you think or live, for your dreams or what you are attempting in your life, here’s my take:



Yes, I’m naive.



Anyone who thinks they are not naive as a human being on a 4.5 billion year old planet in an infinitely expanding unknowable universe, is utterly kidding themselves.



If anyone thinks that the human brain, which has been around less than a couple hundred thousand years in a 13.5 billion year old galaxy is not naive—they are utterly kidding themselves.



If anyone thinks they are not naive, living in a world we once believed was flat, where countless new discoveries are made literally every single day, and countless old viewpoints instantly shift into new ones—they are utterly kidding themselves.



The fight against “being naive” is the fight to stay in “I know” mind, the “I know mind” needs to know, and needs to create certainty to feel more safe. But the fact is: no one knows what will happen.



We are all utterly as naive as it gets. The human mind is an incredible, miraculous and beautiful creation and gift… and it is also largely clueless.



The only thing that’s truly knowable is the present. And that knowing is just the simple knowing of what IS right NOW.



But most people dare not live there. The mind needs to create containers of safety in its stories of the world and what’s to come. That’s normal, and it’s okay. Most people believe that living in the present with an “I DON’T know mind” would be utterly ineffective and would never create or do anything ever again, and that it would mean the end of creation and the future!



See what I mean about naive?? Creation has been happening WAYYYYY before our minds had a hand in the game. Creation CREATED our hand in the game! It created minds. How naive can we be to think it would stop if we admit we don’t know?



And of COURSE that’s what the “I know mind” says… what did you think it was just going to roll over and let you live more happily in the present without a fight?? The “I know mind” doesn’t know the way of life. When the mind gives up “all-knowing”, it doesn’t stop the spirit from moving, in fact, it only enhances its powerful flow.



As life itself, you are a creator, and you will never stop creating, even if you stop trying to claim your limited mind knows what’s up. Your mind does not know what’s up. It says one thing one day and it says the opposite the next. It says one thing one MINUTE and says the opposite the next! Your mind is all over the place. But your soul knows. The heart of you, which is the heart of life, knows.



So your mind doesn’t need to know. It really never did anyway.



So, try it on, say it out loud and let yourself feel it:  “Yes, I am naive.”  And so is every thinking mind on the planet. Because nobody knows for certain what will come. Not anyone, ever, for any reason. Not from the perspective of just one tiny point of consciousness.



But we CAN know what is here NOW.



Maybe what is here now is an impulse to start something, to change something, to create something, to do something… or to take a nap. Honor it. Honor it all. Naps lead to creation. Creation leads to naps. It’s all good.



I’m sharing this with you because it’s liberating. You don’t have to fight against “not knowing what you’re doing” anymore. No one has a freaking clue. We’re all just doing the thing that’s in front of us. Because something deeper in us all knows EXACTLY what to do.



And don’t be afraid of that deeper thing, because all it is, is love. The same love that birthed every beautiful thing you’ve ever experienced or currently hold dear. All of that came from the “unknown”. How could you not trust it? How can you even try to pretend you don’t love the unknown when everything you love was birthed from that very thing?



I don’t know about you but I’m totally done kidding myself about that. So yes, I am totally naive. What a privilege! Because of that I get to discover life and its infinite possibilities every single day. And because of that, I keep discovering new ones.



When you’re locked into “I know mind” you just keep recreating what you already know. Try not knowing and not caring that you don’t know. See what THAT can create. For sure the first thing it will create is more peace, less defensiveness and less shutting yourself and your dreams down, so that’s a win right there.



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