February 11, 2024

Not Yo Mama’s Version Of Success

The image features a person holding a large basket filled with white flowers in front of them, covering most of their body. The background is a solid coral-colored wall. Overlaid text in a contrasting white font reads, "NOT YO MAMA'S VERSION OF SUCCESS." Beneath this main text, in a smaller font, it states, "MAKE MORE DOING LESS, BEING YOU," and in the top right corner is the URL "SUNNICHAPMAN.COM." The overall image appears to be a promotional or inspirational graphic.

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😂 🤣 With FULL respect to all the mama’s out there, including mine, I couldn’t help myself when this title came to mind – and it is not actually about anyone’s mother, it is actually about the paradigms of success you are comparing yourself to in this world and about asking yourself…. are you done yet? (doing that to you, I mean.) 😆
Because here’s the thing… you may be someone who has been in business for yourself for a LONG time, or maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you don’t even have a business, but either way… there may be a part of your consciousness that is still using OLD metrics to compare and gather data about your success.
For example: if you grew up surrounded in people who worked a job, and had a fixed income,  and whose main standards for success were things like… to be debt free and have a big retirement savings and a house that was paid off so they could quit working when they are older, and continue to live on a fixed income. The aim with that goal is to save as much money as possible because the goal is not having to work. And making the set amount of money you have, stretch the farthest. Now NOTHING is wrong with this! It is a beautiful way that the majority of people are perfectly happy with, or at least accept.
But if you are someone like me, who LOVES what you do and is creating a LIFE and LIVING that is in one cohesive flow with what you do, and who you ARE,  and you are a business owner and entrepreneur who works for yourself, and you are creating things that will continue to circulate and operate in this world, even when you are not there, and make you money even when you are not ‘working’ or even present… and (again, like me) you plan to be creating things that you share and sell until your DYING DAY (and probably well beyond) and THAT is your mission and vision…
then your version of success and thus goal markers are going to be VERY ,VERY DIFFERENT from most people’s.
But there may be a part of your brain that is still measuring your success against how much debt or house you have or have paid off, and how fast, and how much savings you have so you can retire. Again, nothing wrong with that, but that is the primary path to success of the person whose goal is to escape their work. It’s NOT the path of a person whose goal is to align what they love with the source of their money, and let their money and their work WORK FOR THEM, even when THEY are not working. And potentially, even when they have long since passed away, and have left to their family.
So which of these two things are you? There’s no wrong answer. But have you fully and completely asked yourself this, and DECIDED that yet??? Or are you still kind of just “waiting to see” what happens?
Because I used to be just “waiting to see what happens” too, but I recently realized I’m not waiting anymore. I DECIDED.
I realized even though I have been in business successfully for 25 years, I was still kind of half comparing myself to that other paradigm and coming up short, and feeling like a failure, when actually the metrics for MY SUCCESS would be very, very different!
I am an entrepreneur, so my metrics of success would be things like: the creation of things that will sell without me there, it would be the selling of those things, it would be the systems I build to support those things and send those things out into the world, it would be the signs of life that are sparking from those joys and creations, the comments people send me, the thank you emails, the reviews.
It would be the tears and the laughter and the smiling faces of those whom my work has touched, and deeply moved, and changed their life. It would be the evidence of the way that work is valued. It would be the ways that I am valuing that work. It would be the ways that I am expanding my reach and visibility. It would be a LOT of things, and different things for different people, but it would not be ‘how much savings do I have right now?’ and ‘do I own my house outright?’  Do you see what I mean?
I take care of my money, and my money takes care of me, this is not about throwing things that support you and allow you to feel held out the window (like savings), but people who are in business for themselves make different moves. Because they have different objectives, and that is my point.
I had been judging myself for the way I invest in myself and my future, because I was comparing it to a model I don’t even live in!!
So are you judging yourself against that model?  Are you judging your current cashflow as a marker of your success instead of using the THINGS THAT YOU ARE INVESTING IN EVERY DAY WITH YOUR TIME AND ENERGY, are you using money as a marker of your success? or are you using the markers of the future that you have chosen to create?
What does THAT future FEEL like? What does it look like? What does it taste like? What are you doing or not doing in it?? Get clear and paint a picture of it for yourself.
You are a business owner and an entrepreneur —or— you’re on your way to that in some way if you’re still reading this article. LOL  So you cannot use metrics of old paradigms to measure your success, you need to measure your success against what YOU are trying to create – now if you are trying to create a paid off mortgage and a retirement savings so you can stop working, then keep doing that! But if you are trying to align the source of your money with the source of your joy so you can just keep being you, and creating and receiving money from those things you have created until your dying day, then that’s going to be a very different thing! And so try to get a clear picture of what that is for you.
For ME, that is freedom, creative freedom and fulfillment, and the freedom to do what I LOVE most in life. Or not do it, until I feel like doing it again! 😂
So, I use THAT as my measurement: am I doing more of what I love? Am I feeling creatively fulfilled? Am I feeling inspired? Lit up? Excited? Am I choosing what I want, even when I don’t really feel I am free to choose what I want? Am I choosing in that direction anyway?? Am I choosing what I WANT? Am I taking breaks when I want? Am I putting down work when I want? And trusting my success will continue while I do what I love? Because that’s what my future self does. And what my NOW self does. So I make that my NOW priority like the life I love depends on it… because as I always say… it DOES!
If you are here and you DO have a job, and you love it, but you want more freedom and freedom to choose what you want whilst having job stability, and benefits and such… you can STILL create more freedom and more freedom to choose, and more satisfaction in that job and all around, by focusing on BEING and EMBODYING the energy you want to experience more of.
So maybe that’s more ease, more joy, more feelings of beings supported, more flexibility, more time off, whatever that is, don’t worry about HOW that’s going to happen, just celebrate EVERY LITTLE THING THAT FEELS LIKE:  joy, ease and freedom. Write it down. When something delights you and goes your way. Write it down. Notice it. Because what you notice and where you put your energy and focus grows. It HAS TO.
And if you’re in business for yourself, obviously, do the same! But either way you can create the future that YOU want to live into, but you need to know: what are those markers for MY SUCCESS? 🤔 What does MY success feel like? And start to create more of those feelings  now.
And if you’d like to play with this more and expand that energy in your life, I’ve got a lot of beautiful ways you can do that right here »  https://sunnichapman.com/work-with-me  I suggest using this page like an oracle and go to the page and scroll around and see what pops out at you or speaks to you the most, or looks like fun… whatever it is, that’s probably exactly what’s right for you at this time. 🤗 
Okay sweet pea’s, I’ll see you next Sunday! (if you’re new around these parts these emails come every Sunday morning)