June 18, 2023

State Of Rest

Black and white image -  leopards paws hanging from the tree, and text: State Of Rest

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Today I’d like to continue to bring the body and energy systems into the process of reading this article and offer you a powerful and very simple shift.
I invite you to put your hands around your face like you are holding your face in your hands, you know like a little kid…
You’re holding your hands on your face and maybe your wrest your elbows on your body or the table or chair arm, but holding the sides of your face in your hands like it’s a face you really love, your thumbs are kind of cradling underneath your jawline and your pinky fingers are resting on your cheek bones. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Just hold your face like this and take that Trinity Breath I introduced you to in the prior weeks posts, which simply means take 3 deep slow breaths, breathing the air in and all the way down to your root or lower belly on each breath before releasing it, with nice long slow exhales.
Take your time, and come back when you’re feeling centered.
Today I want to offer you this perspective, which you are going to breath in in this moment and let unfurl in your awareness over the course of this coming week…
The remembrance that when you sincerely and genuinely allow yourself to enter a state of rest, and relax, that that is actually like rocket fuel for all of the things you care about and are passionate about. Your work, your art, your creativity, your craft… will all be empowered 10 fold and then some, by your simple ability to deeply rest and let things go for a time.
That “time” could be 10 seconds of sincere dropping in and stillness with a single conscious breath, or that time could be a week’s vacation, or that time could be a couple of hours at the end of your day that’s just for you.
Choose something that feels accessible and practice it.
If you choose something that you don’t really believe is possible for you and does not currently feel accessible to you, like going from taking no time off or to yourself to taking weeks solid off,  then you will probably simply be using that too big of a jump to prove to  yourself right that you can’t take a break and that everything goes to shit when you do. That is what happens when we try to jump too far into something we don’t fully believe we can do yet, so reach for something that feels closer and more doable and practice that, and then grow it and stretch it.
Play with that this week. And I am dead serious about the one single conscious breath. Or this Trinity breath, which you can practice at any time. This face hold, will bring you back home to yourself, it will help yourself feel calmer by activating the vagus nerve, and it will help you sink into the moment.
Choose to practice this in ways that are gentle and kind to you, not in ways that feel like you’re trying to break the speed barrier or something. 😉  Don’t turn an invitation to find more deep rest into yet another way you’re not enough or coming up short or another thing you’re failing at…
But watch for the ways your mind will try to do that, it’s not that it wants to do that to you to harm you, or it wants to sabotage this particular practice, it’s just that that is what it believes, it believes you’re behind, it believes you’re not good enough, it believes you’re failing at life on some level or in some way and it’s looking for more evidence to support that belief.
Don’t worry about that though. Don’t worry about changing it. Just notice it. And choose differently. Choose to be the one who gets to have rest.
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