October 13, 2019

It’s Time To Rewrite Your Story


Unless you are brand-spanking new to mindset, you are probably well familiar with the concept that the stories we continually tell ourselves about ourselves and our world, MATTER.


And not only do they matter, they matter SO MUCH. Because they inform how we feel about ourselves and the world, and that colors the lens that we’re looking through. 


And the lens that you’re looking through colors your choices, your actions, and therefore your experience in life… and your experience in life is… well… it’s quite literally EVERYTHING to you.


If you are a believer in the metaphysical on any level too, then you will already know that the stories you’re telling yourself about yourself, and BELIEVING (there is a difference here folks!), will seem to create experiences that match those feelings in your life. 


Here are some common stories that we tell ourselves about money and about ourselves with money:


  • Money is really hard to make, and even harder to keep.
  • There is never enough money.
  • I have to work really hard for my money.
  • I have to prove my worth to make money.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • Easy come, easy go.
  • We’d all be better off if money didn’t exist.
  • Money is bad.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • I’m not good with money.
  • I can’t be trusted with money.
  • Other people get ahead, but not us.
  • Rich people are assholes.
  • Rich people get corrupted and get misled.
  • Rich people are trying to hurt us.
  • Fame and money corrupt people.
  • You can just lose it all at any time, so why even try.
  • I have to be OWNED to make money and get paid.
  • I can’t be free AND have money.
  • I must pour my blood, sweat and tears and grind to make money
  • I have to trade away my peace of mind for money.
  • I have to become a totally different person to make more money.
  • I have to burn it all down and rise up to truly succeed.
  • I have to be a phoenix rising from the ashes and have an underdog story to succeed and still be “good people”.
  • I have to be overwhelmed and stressed out around the clock to be successful.
  • When I receive, other people get hurt. When I profit, others lose.
  • I am too fat, too skinny, too stupid or too intellectual, too this or too that to make good money.
  • I’m too simple to have a successful business.
  • I’m too much of an introvert to be able to make more money.
  • I hate selling and putting myself out there.  


Okay so clearly this list could go on and on and on and on! And this is just one tiny fraction of a list in one tiny area of your life. These are the stories. 


These are the stories in the golden library in your mind. And you act in accordance with these stories, whether you are aware of it or not. And you do not even SEE or REGISTER possibilities that are open to you, because of the blinders these stories put over your eyes, when they are believed.


I have thought and believed every one of these things on some level at some time. And I have been working for years to rewrite these stories for myself. But these stories were burned into my brain over the span of my lifetime, they are not going to just go “poof” even when I see they’re not, or are no longer, true.


But I have absolutely and dramatically CHANGED MY LIFE in truly miraculous and incredible ways, because I have continued to work on my mindset every day. Because I make the choice to continuously challenge these stories and to heal them in myself so that I can experience all-new possibilities.


And I don’t expect it to be “done” anymore. I’m not going to “arrive” at some totally perfect place. It’s a lifetime exploration, where the ceiling of possibility just continually rises and rises!! And that to me is the greatest adventure! And I cannot imagine doing anything else with this one precious ride than continue to learn and bust through old ceilings.


But rewriting these stories, and thus creating an entirely new reality and experience in your life, is like building a muscle. If you don’t work it, it doesn’t work. It atrophies and just goes back to its preconditioned state. You have to keep examining the stories that are coming up, you have to keep taking a fresh look, and learning and growing beyond those limitations.


So what can we do about all those old stories listed above? How can we at least BEGIN to flip the script on those? 


Well, by literally FLIPPING THE SCRIPT on those! And seeing how the polar opposite is also, and equally true. Meaning you can find absolute evidence for both if you are OPEN, and willing to look at it. 


So let’s just take that list from above, and flip them around to the opposite, one by one:

  • Money is really easy to make, and even easier to keep.
  • There is always more money.
  • I make great money with great ease.
  • Money has nothing to do with my worth.
  • Money, quite literally, grows on trees (printed paper).
  • There is always more money.
  • Easy come, easy GROW.
  • We’re all better off cause money does exist.
  • Money is good.
  • Fear is the root of all evil. Money can be the root of generosity.
  • I am good with money.
  • I can be trusted with money.
  • Everyone can “get ahead” (or wherever they desire to be).
  • Rich people are kind and generous souls. (or you could flip to: poor people are assholes too. i.e. – money doesn’t have to do with who people are or are not)
  • Rich people are full of integrity and blaze new beneficial paths. (or: poor people get corrupted and misguided too – again money doesn’t make people where they are or what they do. thoughts and decisions do. fear does. you get the picture.)
  • Rich and successful people are trying to help us. (list all the ways)
  • Fame and money can heal people. (find examples!)
  • You can just GAIN it all at any time, so why not try.
  • I don’t have to be owned to make money and get paid – or – I have to be FREE to make money and get paid.
  • I CAN be free and have money.
  • I don’t have to struggle to make money or be “good”.
  • Money can come easily to me, and be a win, win, win for all involved. 
  • I don’t have to trade away my peace of mind for money.
  • I DON’T have to become a totally different person to make more money – I just have to be TOTALLY MYSELF to make more money.
  • I DON’T have to burn it all down, I can truly succeed while I do everyday shit like feed the dogs and make my coffee.
  • I am good people, whether or not I have an incredible underdog or phoenix rising story full of grit. 
  • Suffering does not make me more worthy of success. I am worthy of success with ease, on my own terms.
  • I can have ease and be successful, on my own terms.
  • When I receive, other people get HELPED. When I profit, others win. (or – when I don’t receive others are hurt. when I lose, others lose too.)
  • I can make good money looking and being exactly as I am. (or – my “too this” or “too that” MAKES me money)
  • My simplicity makes me more successful in every way.
  • My introversion is an asset of mine that makes me more money my own way.
  • I love selling (making money) and putting myself out there (connecting with people and helping them).  


I bet you that some of those items felt really good, and others of them felt REALLY TRIGGERING!! For some of you maybe even MOST of them are triggering. The ones that made you go “UN UH!! NO NO NOPE” those ones are your best friends right now, cause they’re the ones that are gonna stretch and challenge you the most and help you grow. And if you think some of them don’t still trigger me, believe me, they do! Like I said, this is a journey, and it is life long and there will be new ones as you uplevel.


Pick out the ones that were the hardest for you to see or to swallow and come up with at least 3 ways – no matter how challenging – that those COULD be at least AS TRUE as the original negative statement. Even if they don’t FEEL true to you right now, just explore some ways they MIGHT or COULD be just as true. So that you can see that if the possibility EXISTS out there for anyone, then it also exists for you, no matter how far away it might currently seem.


I think my most triggering one this time was surprisingly the “we’re all better off cause money exists” turn around. That shocked me cause I never really think the negative version of that one! Yet on the opposite, it felt most triggering. So here’s my best attempt at 3 ways that that could be at least as true:


1. Because money and a value system does exist, we get to choose and vote for what we value with it.

2. And because we get to choose and vote for what we value, we get to create new things of value, and because we all value uniquely different things on this planet, we get to connect with other people who also value what we value!

3. And because we get to connect with what we value, and connect with people around what we uniquely value, we get to experience RECIPROCITY and generosity, we get to play at giving and receiving, in exactly the same way we would with food or water or anything else we would share if money did not exist.

4. Money creates an illusion of separation that is ultimately only that – an illusion – but like all illusions, they can be fun and a grand adventure. They allow unique experiences and creations. And if you believe you are part the infinite and eternal whole in any way, then why the heck not play the part you’ve been called to play on this stage of life and enjoy it?


When you begin to really examine and rewrite these little mini-stories that are the sub-story narrative of your life, It can do some major magic!


But you have to apply it, and remember it. You have to commit to experiencing your life in a totally different way than what you’ve been taught is possible for you.


And if you want to commit to that in a bigger way and do more of this work, I invite you to my Feast or Famine No More Course, where you’ll explore this deeper – and write yourself a whole new story of thriving. This is the exact work that I’ve done in my life that has made all the difference, and I’d love to share it with you too!




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