March 31, 2024

Ease Is An Important Step

The image features a perspective view of a sequence of door frames decreasing in size, creating a tunnel-like effect. Overlaid on the image, in an elegant cursive and print mix font, the text reads:

EASE IS AN Important step

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When I first began my re-empowerment journey and remembered that I am the creator of my reality, all I wanted in the world at that time was EASE, and STABILITY and PLENTY.
I had always been a very self-led individual, I had always done things “my way”, I had always been different from the norm and stubbornly insisted on a life less less ordinary… but I just had resigned myself to the fact that my freedom would come with a cost and that cost would be stability, and plenty, and ease when it comes to money.
I thought I could have my freedom and work for myself, but it would naturally be less dependable and reliable in terms of money. This was because that is the very popular and wide spread narrative in our world about self employment and business ownership, so of COURSE I believed that. I thought “that’s just the way it is”. That was before I remembered I don’t work with “the way it is”, I work with the way I want it to be, and I CREATE IT if I do not see it, I create it.
So EASE, STABILITY and PLENTY was my mission. I just wanted time to do the things I loved the most. To go on trips with my love and our dogs and be free to do so whenever I wanted. To have more than enough money. To have money coming in like clockwork on auto pilot. To feel fully supported and have breathing room.
And I created that! It took time, it was a journey, but I stayed with myself and my intention and it happened EXACTLY as I wanted it to. And it blew my freaking mind. I changed my life in that year that I decided I was doing that and was just fully DONE with that old reality of total instability and not plenty at all and no ease around that. But when I was really really done and really really ready to shift that, I shifted that. It took time, it was a journey but I stayed with myself and it happened, exactly as I said it would and it astounded me the power of that. And then… I had so much ease, so much time, so much stability, and plenty, and that created SPACE.
And that space was so important. Because that space then gave birth to my whole new next level. It allowed me to get the breathing room and time and space and nervous system regulation that allowed my system to begin to recognize the things that I actually wanted to do with that space and time, because none of us just want freedom or ease or time, we want it FOR SOMETHING…
but in order to get to know what we want it FOR, we MUST first get that space. That nervous system calm, that breathing room, and ultimately that love for self that looks like allowing yourself to be fully supported in a way you never have before. And that’s NEW! It’s new for you. So it’s going to take a minute to create and normalize that for yourself, because it is just NOT what you or your body is used to.
But when you DECIDE that that is what you want, you’re on your way. You just follow whatever next breadcrumbs FEEL the most like that or in that direction to you, and you are on your way.
What I know now, is that on the other side of all that space, and ease, and stability, and plenty was my MOST joyful work and expression just waiting to be born, the kind of work I can hardly tear myself away from! So there is no more searching for ease or time off, I know that is there for me whenever I need it, but now I get to pour my new found energy (which was BORN of that space I gave myself and could not be here without that) into these creations I am so lit up about and absolutely delighted to create, that I realize it was my FULFILLMENT, my deep fulfillment that I was really looking for all along.
And yet, I could not possibly have got to that fulfillment without that stable ground of plenty FIRST.
So I’m writing you today to let you know to HONOR WHERE YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DESIRE for yourself the most right now, because it is the next needed thing to take you to your ultimate happiness and joy.
The reason why this is so important to me is because all of our lives we have grown up being told that money isn’t what matters, and don’t focus on the money, and money doesn’t really matter and is not important, and I am here to tell you that if I had not made money important to me I would not be here doing this work of my heart and soul that is now being loved and enjoyed and eaten up by people all over the world and helping people come home to themselves and create their most beautiful lives, which is my GREATEST joy, and is way bigger than I even allowed myself to dream, back then, and it makes me want to cry.
Telling people money isn’t what matters and is not really important is a HARMFUL trope that is ingrained in our culture (I know the original purpose of it I know the importance of it but now it has become a harmful trope) and to me it is equivalent of telling people “air doesn’t matter, water doesn’t matter…”  it flippin’ matters!
It is needed for your well being just like sunshine and air in this world that we live in. And the problem doesn’t come from that, it comes from viewing money as not as innocent and available to your nature and supportive of your nature AS sunshine and air in this world that we live in.
LET IT MATTER TO YOU IF IT MATTERS TO YOU. End the split in your system that judges you for caring about it.
We all know that LOVE is more important than money, we all know that LOVE is more important than even air and water to a lot of us! Because we kind of slowly die without it, at least our spirit dies if our body doesn’t. But it is toxic to tell people that money shouldn’t matter to them, it is actively confusing, and hurtful to a part of yourself who just wants you to have everything you need like a flower wants sunshine and water. SAME. same.
So when you tell yourself this, that it doesn’t matter, you are telling a part of YOU that it doesn’t matter (the part that cares about money) and it does. It does matter. It matters to you. And that’s enough.
And I know that most of you know it matters on one level, and have no problem owning that on some level, and on some level you’re like yah of course I need it and like it, on one level. But you probably have programming in you that is always a little bit at odds with that part of you and is always judging you for that, and so those two parts may not be in full cohesion. Because there’s a fight there. So, removing that judgement from the innocence of caring about money will allow those parts to talk to eachother and come into harmony.
So let the things that matter to you, matter to you. It’s enough. Money matters to everyone! Some people don’t want to talk about it and admit it, some people want to keep it under wraps and keep repeating the trope, because they feel that that makes them a good person, because that’s what we’re told, that’s what good people do right? Good people don’t care about money, right?
Well… you’re a good person. And you care about money. Both of those things exist at the same time. 💞 So let the things that matter to you, matter to you.
They are important steps in the journey of your ultimate dream and happiness for your life. They are exactly what your soul knows that it needs NEXT to create your most beautiful life. Listen to that. Honor that. Honor you. And stay with yourself. If I had not done that i would not be here tasting this most beautiful expression that I am just beginning to fully step into now, and really receive the fruits of in a way that I never thought was going to happen for me.
Stay with yourself, the things you want are there for a reason, they’re taking you exactly where you next need to go. TRUST THAT. Don’t doubt the thing that’s next for you. Don’t doubt the thing that matters to you. Don’t doubt that. It’s purposeful. You know what you need and you’re attempting to give it to you so just stay with yourself in that.
And as always if you need any help or support with that, you know where to find me 😉 or explore the image grid below and see what calls to ya 👇 ✨ whatever that is, that’s the one. ❤️💞