September 5, 2021

A Slow, Simple, Bountiful Life

Fairytale forest, path in the middle, and purple flowers. Text: A Slow, Simple, Bountiful Life

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Fairytale forest, path in the middle, and purple flowers. Text: A Slow, Simple, Bountiful Life, and instructions how to get the audio recording of this blog



As I have endeavored to live a more slow and simple beautiful life, without sacrificing abundance, I have noticed that it feels like healing from a sickness.  



A sickness that this world has with speed and “more, better, faster, now”. With “rush, rush, rush, hurry, hurry, hurry achieve, achieve, achieve, at all costs!” … this undercurrent of constant pressure to get to some elusive pot of enough-ness we never really find.



This sickness is driven by the either/or thinking of “you can have money OR the benefit of all”, and “you can have money OR peace.” It is that belief that keeps this sickness alive.



Deep in my heart and soul I have known since I was little, that there’s a better way. But the way that I saw most people solve this issue is by going the completely opposite direction.



Most peoples solution and attempted way to heal that, is to denounce money and any dreams they’ve had of a more abundant life. To blame money for all the worlds ills, and to live with as little of it as possible, or resign themselves to not having more than they need to just survive, because it is “bad” and it drives all this madness, and isn’t what really matters.



Of course it’s not what really matters. But that’s not the solution. That is actually just a perfect replica of the problem in reverse. 



Because it is that same either/or thinking that drives people and corporations to create mass destruction for money over the health and wellbeing of our planet and our people. It’s that same “you can’t have both” thinking that drives competition instead of cooperation, and keeps the illusion of scarcity alive, and thus keeps us fighting over resources, instead of creating new resources.



It is the belief that you can EITHER have money OR peace and well being that drives companies and people to do those things. If they believed they could have both, they’d find a way. And the way would indeed, then be shown.



And it is that same either/or belief that drives people to resign themselves to living with barely enough to get by, to give up on their dreams for their lives because they believe they cannot have and do both. But just as in the opposite case, if they did believe they could, they’d find the way, and the way would indeed be shown.



All that energy spent in survival (on BOTH sides of this coin), would then be channeled into new ways for all beings to thrive.



The solution then, is not to engage or totally dis-engage. The solution is not to disown money and the material and to go to the other end of the either/orspectrum, the solution is to create a new RELATIONSHIP with money and the material, and we do that by beginning to embrace the AND/BOTH.



When we do this we begin to see solutions previously unseen, where both things and both sides can come together in a mutually beneficial and symbiotic way and partnership, like the rest of nature operates!



And we as humans are finding our way to that. We’re finding our way to that imperfectly, and a little bit at a time, over millennia. Yes, it’s vulnerable, and it’s hard to imagine a way we’ve not seen done before, but it’s possible. And examples of it are HERE and NOW, all around us, if we look for them.



How you can help to be part of that movement for humanity is by finding the places in you that believe you can only have one or the other and not both, and finding the places in you that feel that constant pressure and not-enough-ness, and then working to set yourself free of those beliefs and unconscious limitations, so you can find new ways for yourself – and thus all beings – to truly thrive. 



To thrive in love and peace AND money.



If that resonates, and you’d like a little help with that, I’m your girl »