July 26, 2020

My Money Journey


My money journey has been the greatest healing adventure of my life. The call to, and for, more money was the call to, and for, more freedom. And what I have been, and continue to be set free from, is layers and layers of pain and holding-back I thought I’d never see the end of. Solutions to impossible problems appeared. Ways, where before there was none. Miracle after miracle of knowing myself as this miracle of life. It has and continues to exceed my expectations at every step.


It doesn’t always look like I wanted it to go, but in hindsight, I always see how it was BETTER than how I wanted it to go. How it was absolutely perfect. How it removed some stone I wouldn’t have wanted in my shoe down the road a little further. How the timing is absolute perfection, even, and especially, when it seems it’s really not.


This money journey has pulled out of me the truth of myself, and the truth of myself is someone who is deeply in love with life and it’s many wonders, and who just wants to feel it all, and create all the magic I’m drawn to. It has called me ever further into the depths of myself and revealed new and sparkling gems at every step.


I have never felt more held, more heard, more seen, or more loved in my entire life, and I never imagined I could. This money journey for me was a call to love. The love that is formless and timeless and what I really am. Life itself. Consciousness. Source. The Divine. God. Whatever you want to call it. The more I trust and relax into that truth, the more miracles of every kind I discover. Even when things are NOT seeming to go my way at all!


I once believed that money would give me freedom, and it did to many degrees, but I now know that it is my freedom that gave me the money. Not the other way around! And the freer I am, the richer I’ll be—in every way. My freedom created and creates all the things of my life, and the more I trust in that, the better it gets.


If you believe that if you choose freedom you have to give up money, or if you choose money you have to give up freedom, I am here to assure you that that’s all that that is: a belief. An extremely convincing one, however, and one that kept me locked in a cage and an impossible choice… but a choice I didn’t have to make.


There was a 3rd way. A 3rd way I could not see until I did, and that was to simply choose ME. Choose in the direction of my heart and let the money and the freedom catch up in time. And they will! Not without challenging you first to really learn and embody that shift, but they will. 


This will all sound like a bunch of hoo-ha until you consciously decide to lean into that within yourself, and take that journey. There is no way you will believe it until you taste that experience for yourself in your own life. The experience of dreaming something into being that you couldn’t see the way to, no matter how small it may be, because those small things stack up to your biggest dreams come true. But until that day, you will roll your eyes and write this stuff off. I did! And I made that impossibility a reality for me for a long time. Until the day my desire became stronger than my skepticism and overrode it.


Things going wrong, or not working out, or going haywire is NOT a confirmation that you have no power! It is an INVITATION to re-affirm your intention, to stand with yourself, to not abandon yourself, and to open yourself to new ways you could not see. It is the universe re-wiring your insides and your outsides. You and your reality are being overhauled, re-directed, and re-built.


No matter what seeming obstacle appears, those obstacles can be embraced as the stepping stones they really are, the stepping stones to your ultimate freedom and happiness. You do not have to see them that way, but if you do, then that is what you’ll find.


If you have a fire in you to live more free… ANYTHING is possible. But you just have to commit to that fire and follow your call. My call to that was through money, yours might be love, or something else. But no matter what it is, don’t ignore your desires…


They’re your train ticket home.
Home to the truth of yourself.


The truth you really want with all that other stuff, and came to see… to remember…to feel the fullness of. You get the real reward of deeper peace and trust in yourself, and you get all the other things you wanted like icing on the cake.


Are you a dreamer? A lover of the mystery and magic?  Are you lost in a heavy feeling world, and want to purposefully and intentionally cultivate wonder and joy? Do you want to balance doing with being? Desire with delight? Prosperity with play? Passion with peace?


There is a way.


This train is always running. It is never too late to get on. You will never miss your spot. Your ticket does not expire and is always available to you. It invites you, always. Like an old friend who loves you, and never leaves.


And if you’d like some help on this ride of self-discovery, I invite you to join me in my Feast or Famine No More Course & Membership. It will help you dig in, and find your freedom. The one that no one else can tell you how to create, but that you will gradually discover inside yourself, as your own unique path and wisdom. I am here to put you in touch with your own power to create the ease and joy that you desire.


If you are here for that, this course is here for you! And I’d love to have you:  https://saltyolivedesign.com/feast







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