September 29, 2019

How To Make Your Freedom Plan


This is gonna be a short and to the point one! 


“What Sunni?! You are NEVER short and to the point! Your articles are always long and wordy!”I know right? That’s me! and I love it. 😀


But this time the words are gonna be all yours, I’ve got a super helpful exercise for you to do. And this exercise has been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and free time and space to do and be me my way, so if you really work it, it can fucking CHANGE YOUR LIFE. No joke.


Here’s what you do:


  1. Get out a piece of paper or blank document.
  2. Write “My Freedom Plan” at the top of the document.
  3. Write down how much money you’d like to make this year (this one will be hard for some of you, stretch yourself to whatever level you feel definitely stretched and a little scared but also lights you up).
  4. Divide that number into 12 months. That’s what you need to bring in per month to reach that.
  5. Stop hyperventilating about HOW you could possibly do that. Relax. It’s going to be okay. Leave the how’s out of it for now.
  6. Start a new list, and divide it into four parts.
  7. Part 1: Write what you are willing to do for that money. (what work do you love, what work is most in your flow, what work feels best to you that you are totally willing and happy to do)
  8. Part 2: Write what you are willing to have your TEAM do for that money. (if you have team, write what can be delegated to them, if you don’t have team, write what you COULD hire help for and delegate, and if you don’t WANT team, skip this!)
  9. Part 3: Write what you are NOT willing to do. (Get specific, and don’t be afraid. Question all the “but I have to do that part!” comments that come up. this will definitely challenge your preconceived notions, but you CAN do it your way)
  10. Part 4: How many hours a week do you want to work? how much vacation time do you want to have? How flexible do you want your schedule to be? how do you want to communicate with your clients/people mostly? (in person, email, online, phone, etc. etc.)
  11. All of the above will remind you: YOU’RE THE BOSS. You’re the boss of yourself and your life! You get to call the shots. You make the rules. And when you’re playing by your own rules YOU WIN. (because you will never win when you play by other peoples rules, that’s their game, not yours!)
  12. When you get clear on all of the above, put it into action. It doesn’t have to perfect or forever, you can change and tweak it over time, so don’t stall. Get your vision and yourself out there, in whatever way works for you, and is most aligned with you. Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, but also try to stay in your path of least resistance and flow.
  13. Tell safe people about it (don’t listen to people who don’t have that kind of vision too, they won’t understand). Practice speaking it. Surround yourself with other dreamers and visionaries, so that you don’t feel like a total freak! You’re normal, you’re just a specific type. Not everyone will get you. But YOU will get you! Keep getting yourself and your work out there.
  14. Get support where you need it. Whatever that looks and feels like for you.
  15. Watch total magic ensue.






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