March 21, 2021

Houses & Cars


The only reason people tend to dream of cars and houses is because it is the only thing they’ve ever been taught or felt they were allowed to dream.



Anything else feels too big, or too impossible, or too much.



But our culture and society has condoned and fully sanctioned the possibility of cars and houses, it has approved of such a pursuit, and it has made it within at least the REALM of new possibilities for people. So they’re not too afraid to reach for that because they feel they can, and feel they should.



So do not morally or spiritually condescend to people about their dreams of “things” or possessions and such.



Because you have no idea what those “things” represent to them. You have no idea what that means to their heart and soul. And you have no idea what those things are just the GATEWAY to… which is always… bigger dreams.



Dreams of love and greater freedom, true joy and connection and happiness. Dreams of plenty for themselves and all humankind. Dreams put us in touch with our power to create.



Cars and houses are an entry point for people. They are about how you move through the world (i.e. cars) and your sense of stability and safety (i.e. homes), and those dreams coming true will open up new doors, and new discoveries and new desires deep within, and all of these things are connected to a larger journey… the journey we all take to finding and loving who we really are.



So honor your dreams, whatever they are, and honor all people’s dreams, whether you see their value or not. That is not for you to judge. And how you judge their dreams, is simply a mirror of how you judge yourself.



You deserve for your dreams to be honored and loved into creation, and so does everyone else.



Because everything is holy in the end. Which means everything is holy right now, deep within, and beneath all appearances. Not in a religious or sanctimonious sense, but in the way that all is one, and one is all.



To dream is the great freedom and privilege we all share and live for. And we all have different dreams that lead us on our own unique pathways and journeys… from the personal to the collective… 



from the big to the small… 
love them all.