February 28, 2021

A Taste Of Tea With The Oracle


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You can join now for $27 a month, and you can cancel anytime. But first here’s another taste of what’s inside when you join:



Question: “How do you start receiving an actual income and living from your real passions, instead of the business model and/or job you had previously? I hear a lot of teachers in this space say “oh yah you can manifest absolutely anything! But don’t quit your day job. Maybe your passions don’t need to pay the bills”  That seems like really mixed messages. What the hell is up with that?”



Answer: That is a very good question, and what it comes down to is belief. What is likely meant by such teachers is that you need not push yourself past your current level of belief and understanding. If you do not currently fully believe in your ability to receive ample money from your passions, and there are inner conflicts and resistance in you about this, you can most certainly make the leap… and you will still be held by life… but the road may be a lot bumpier than you care to travel.



In other words, you can choose it, but because there is much to be worked out in you still about your ability to create that kind of result and your value, you will likely experience a lot of high drama. And it will likely not be a comfortable and relaxed ride, though you can still absolutely choose to take it. And if you do, you will still be absolutely supported in it.



But that support will look like the next pieces you most need in order to resolve those inner conflicts so that you can get to the receiving of the money. It may not look like the money at first.



That delay in money is not because life is withholding from you though, or because your gifts are not worthy of it yet, or because it is not a “feasible career path”.  Not at all. It is because you are still in the process of learning your worth and freedom outside of what you have previously been valued for. You are still in the process of learning your own true value, and how to let that money in, in alignment with that truth.



So an option is presented: that if you’d like the road to that transition to feel a little smoother and easier, and if you’d like that road to be not quite as dramatic and bumpy, then you can choose to make a more gradual transition, instead of a leap.



It is your choice. You get to decide.



If you want to make the leap, make the leap. Honor your intuition and instincts. Honor your desires. If you’d rather have a more graceful and easy-going pace of life, then perhaps a more gradual transition is for you. There are no right or wrong answers.



The thing is, if you are one who has already deep in your soul decided that your passions WILL “pay the bills” and so much more, then there is nothing any teacher could say that is going to stop you from making that leap, in whatever ways you choose to make it.



In this way that statement is clarifying; because it makes you aware of your own choice.



If you get angry when they say “your passions don’t need to pay the bills” — then that shows you your decision has already been made. Because they said something that crossed your decision, and your own personal boundary of truth. And this is good. Now you know. 



If, on the other hand, you feel relieved when they say that, and you breathe a little easier, then that shows your decision has already been made there too, and you don’t need that now. Both decisions are perfect for the chooser. And both decisions can change whenever you like.



How you start receiving an actual income from your real passions instead of the business model or job you had previously is:



1. Decide. It sounds so basic but most times what is going on is you haven’t actually decided. You are still waiting for someone to tell you it’s okay, or that you can, or that it will definitely work out. That won’t work. You have to decide. 


2. Set Your Intention. Write it down, visualize it, whatever way works best for you. See it and feel it. Feel how it will be. 


3. Live it. In whatever ways are currently available to you, live that reality now. Do the thing you love. Be the thing you love. Appreciate the things you love. Live as closely to it as you can while it is in the process of becoming.


4. Heal What Comes Up. life will start bringing you the experiences and events that will help you heal your wounds around this, so that you can let it in. Be aware when things push your buttons, the things that seem to affirm that your dream is not possible. Dig into what is coming up for you. Bring healing, forgiveness, and unconditional love to everything that comes up in whatever ways work best for you. Doing this transforms the obstacles into stepping stones and safe passage to your dreams. Be aware of what comes up, accept it as the gift of transformation that it is, and re-affirm your intention.


5. Let Go. Not of your dream, but of control. You are a creator, not a controller. You have no need of control. You are Life. Your higher creative power is already at work, trust it, and let it do its job. It has a more complete view that you cannot possibly see from your current vantage point. It knows the best way. Your human self just needs to take the next step in front of you, that’s it. Everything else is handled—including the next step that comes.



Be kind to yourself in this process. Be patient and kind to the human heart and mind that has learned and taken on so many painful and limiting messages that it is now sorting through and letting go. This takes time. Just as it took time to learn all these limiting messages in the first place. Just keep at it, don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. Just keep going and the next step will appear right under your feet.



Aligning your money flow to your truest nature and most natural gifts and talents is only ever about learning to love who you really are. Not what you’ve been told is lovable, or valuable, but the value of who you are without having to DO anything or BE anything to earn it.



When you love yourself that much you send out a signal of sufficiency that is pure abundance, and that is what you then experience and see mirrored all around you in your reality. This is not a personal love, though it does absolutely include the human self, rather it is the deeper knowing that you ARE the love of life, you’re love itself.



When you see painful things mirrored back to you, be patient, and be kind. These are the things you have been taught and taken on as beliefs over the course of your life, some are culturally shared beliefs, and some are personal, they are being reflected back to you. But they can change. You are not powerless over them.



You cannot shift things for other people, but you can shift them for you. But you must decide you are worth that shift. Even if others disagree. That is their freedom. And this is yours. You must decide your own peace of mind and heart is more important than agreement or approval. When you do this, you pass that empowerment on to others simply by being it.



In this, you become a beacon. A beacon who ignites other beacons, and them others, and so on. Until soon enough the whole world is bathed in new light.



It is no small thing you reach to value and be paid for who you naturally are and came to be. And it is no small thing if you decide you don’t need that. Because it is simply being true to YOU that changes the world.



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