February 12, 2023

You Get To Decide

Blurred image of sea wave over the sand with text over it: You Get To Decide

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In case you need this reminder:
You get to decide what your “success” looks like.
You get to decide what your version of “success” is.
You get to decide how you want to feel and what
you want to experience in your life.
You get to live the way you want to live.
This is your one precious life (this time around).
You get to decide.
You get to see the world the way you want to.
You get to experience the world the way you want to.
Your reality is just as real as anyone else’s.
You are a creator. You are here to create.
You are creating and living your life story every day.
You get to tell yourself the story you want to live into.
You are sculpting your experience with the stories you tell yourself.
What stories are you telling yourself right now?
It’s okay if they are hard ones. sad ones. angry ones. painful ones. those can beautiful experiences too, but if you’re tired of them, or they are on a repeating loop you want to break free from…
question them.
are they true?
do you want them to be?
You are a creator.
Your life is your art.
You are the artist of your life.
You get to shape and shift it to your terms.
That doesn’t mean you are in control!
You’re not.
But you do have choice,
and that’s a whole other thing.
The essence of your choice is what you look for,
and what you look for
you find.
Sometimes your subconscious and unconscious mind is also “looking for things”. Things you wouldn’t consciously want to be looking for! Like expectations of failure, expectations of disappointment, expectations of things not working out. This is why results will always vary.
I know that sucks, but it’s okay.
It’s okay because you’re not here for PERFECT!
You’re here for LIFE.
A wonderful, wild, beautiful, sometimes messy, incredibly rich and diverse experience of LIFE! And you can have it.
And you can tweak it. You can mold and shape it with your simple intent, willingness to move forward in trust, and surrender to the way of things in this co-creative dance of the divine.
Don’t wait to see how life turns out, just decide what you want to create and then let go into trust as much as is humanly possible, knowing that every step and mis-step on the way is taking you STRAIGHT THERE to that thing that you asked for.
And if you need help with that,
you know where to find me. 💗💕
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