January 5, 2020

Being Much Muchier


I love the line in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland where the Mad Hatter says to Alice… “You’re much muchier now.”  And what he means by this is she is much more herself. Much more herself than she used to be.


He tells her that when they first met in Wonderland she was hardly herself at all, that she had lost her muchness, but now she was almost fully restored to all of who she is.


I love it because it perfectly encapsulates the journey we take in life, when we decide to stop abandoning all of who we are. When we re-embrace the pieces of ourselves we’ve lost, or traded away.


To me, the business journey is synonymous with the life journey… it is a creation story. The story of the creation of YOU.


 Powerful, beautiful, wonderful, YOU. The you who once knew you could do anything, but that knowing was beaten out of you, and now… you’ve decided… to take it BACK.


So wherever you are on your journey right now… that journey to all the freedom, prosperity, success, adventure, love, wonder, and awe that you are looking for… KEEP GOING.


You deserve to feel your MUCHNESS. And the world needs your muchness. Every bit as much as you do.


And if you want to become much MUCHIER with some other Alice’s in Wonderland… join us in my Feast or Famine No More Course, where we’ll see just how MUCH of ourselves we can be! 





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