August 20, 2023

I’ll Meet You There

Beautiful nature scenery, river, green lands, hills, rocks and text: I'll Meet You There

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“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” — Rumi
I have always loved this line from Rumi, it’s one of my favorites, it just brings you right back to the center of the heart in an instant. The field he is referring to, of course, is unconditional love. The starting point, the source, the space of all things… the wellspring of life and all you are.
The place where you are free to unfurl the entirety of yourself without fear of judgment or shame. Where there is only love for you and everything you are and ever did. Where there is nothing about you and no part of you that is not forgiven, and understood, and held in compassion and in GRATITUDE.
Yes, gratitude.
Gratitude for your courage to LIVE.
Gratitude for everything you saw and did and discovered.
Gratitude for every bit of every mess you’ve ever made.
For those messes made other miracles possible.
Our judgements of the rightness and wrongness of ourselves, or the rightness and wrongness of events, are SO VERY LIMITED by our very limited human viewpoint. We simply cannot see the great scope of the web that is weaved in life’s events. We cannot understand it…
and we are not meant to.
We do not need to understand it in order to explore and enjoy the wonderful life, and chance at life, we’ve been given. In fact, the not knowing makes it so! Without that, it could not be. We simply could not experience that richness of this experience any other way.
In my visions I see thousands of people, millions and trillions of people in a line as far back in time as it can go… all of them full of such a heavy grief they constantly carry just trying to do it right, trying not to do life wrong, believing that if they are just “GOOD” enough, if they can just be good, and do things right enough, they will be deserving and they will be safe…
and all that while they are robbed of the safety and love that is ALWAYS with them, that lives in that field of love at their center, that does not move and never has, and never will… that goes with them IN and OUT of this life, that has nothing but the utmost reverence for every morsel of their being for LIVING and teaching life about itself.
And when I see that vision I am ablaze with passion to free myself and others from that confusion. The ones that WANT that anyway, because not everyone has come to see or feel or experience that on this earth, we are all here for different learnings. So I work to free myself, because that’s what I want for my lifetime here, to get free of these stifling self judgements and conditional aspects of love and create and shape the life I wish to live, and if it helps others too when I do that for me, fantastic.  I know the ones who are meant to hear it, hear it loud and clear.
So I just wanted to take a moment to remind you of this field that lives at your center, and to let you know there’s nothing on earth you need do gain admission. You are already an honored guest, and you will never be kicked out of that kingdom, the kind of love that lives there has no opposite. And while our human realm will always have all the polarities of good and bad and pain and pleasure and everything in between for us to play in…
there is a field, out beyond those polarities and ideas, a deep rest you can dip into at any time, a  place you are held now, and always, in love…
I’ll meet you there.