February 23, 2020

Fresh Starts, Open Hearts


Did you know that ancient Egyptians had no word for death? They called it ‘westing’, as in setting like the sun. The sun does not die, it sets—and rises again in the morning.


They didn’t believe in “endings” as such. Because every perceived ending, was just a new beginning.


This is the shift in consciousness from the finite to the eternal. But it didn’t mean they didn’t honor the loss of people and things. It didn’t mean they didn’t honor the grief process. In fact, they fully felt and celebrated it. They honored the loss AND honored the transformation.


So why am I bringing this up and what can we learn from this in business and money??  We can learn that what looks like an end, is really a fresh new beginning. What looks like a step backwards, is actually a step forwards. What looks like a loss, is actually a gain of something else, and a gain of the very thing you lost, in greater supply many times.


But we cannot believe in that or see that when we’re looking through a finite lens.


With that lens there is limited supply, limited time, limited means, limited resources and we are limited beings. But if we tap into our own limitless nature, the boundlessness of the space within ourselves, those limitations stop looking like WALLS, and more like just stones in the stream.


I say all this to honor that new beginnings often FEEL like loss, but loss is really just change. And yes, change is uncomfortable. And yes, change is scary as all hell get out. And yes, we are human. And yes, it hurts. And yes, there is doubt. And yes… all of that, is all of YOU.


It is all the parts of you, all the way alive.


And that is what you came for! That is what you’re here for. All of you… all the way alive.


Money can be very emotional, and it is tied to our sense of safety and security, and as such we take it, and ourselves, VERY SERIOUSLY about it. And it is the place that could use the most LIGHTNESS of being.


One way to do that, is to get in touch with the lightness of your being, in whatever ways you do that. That can look like everything from centering yourself in meditation, taking a drive with the music turned way up, to laughing at a cartoon of Scrooge McDuck sweatin’ it out over some coinage.


One of the absolute BEST ways I know how to remind myself of the infinite, and to come back “home” to myself in a way that feels light, is to be in nature. Watching the river flow, reminds me of infinite wellspring of abundance. Watching the trees effortlessly release their leaves, reminds me it’s okay to let go and make room for greater abundance to appear, the list goes on and on.


I learn SO MUCH from nature, because nature is Life’s great work of art, and guess what else is??  YOU!


I also love watching kids movies when I am in that state too (don’t judge), they remind me of the truths beyond our cynical views of the world, and they’re light of heart and make me laugh. Children’s movies for adults are an unlearning and a remembering. They also remind me that time is not linear, and that the child inside is right here with me.


But hey, everybody has their thing. 🙂


So what is feeling like it’s ending right now? What is not working and opening to something new? What IS working right now? And what is just beginning? What is trying to emerge?


Try to see those endings as setting suns. Suns that will rise again in the morning. Bright and fresh and new. And somehow the light will be different. And you will see more of your landscape than ever before… and all things will be possible.


I have realized that opening my heart to a next level or a change of some kind, is just opening my heart to ME. A little more of me, right here, right now. And that makes all the difference. 



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