January 15, 2023

Why Money Seems Harder To Manifest

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If you are here you are probably already aware on some level that you are a creator, and that you can use the power of your intention to create your beautiful life.
But you may also have noticed or wondered why it seems so much harder to do that with money than with other things?
The truth is the things that manifest the easiest for us are the things we have the least conflict in ourselves about.
Money can seem harder to manifest because the things that manifest the easiest are the things that we have the least attachment to and/or complex feelings about, meaning if the thing doesn’t happen you know you’ll be fine, it would just be a nice thing to have, but you’ll be fine. It’s not a life and death deal for you, so it flows, there’s no chaotic energy there.
That is that delicious neutral energy that creates the space into which the things you desire can flow and be reflected.
But when we are attached, in other words, when we do NOT feel that we will be fine at ALL if that thing doesn’t happen, there is no space.
This is absolutely maddening of course, because the thing you need or want the most is the thing that is the hardest to create in your reality it can seem!
Yet this is not true for everyone.
Some people have had a life experience that has taught them that money creation and receiving is easy. They expect it to be easy, and so it is. They don’t think it means something about them that it’s easy, and so it doesn’t. This creates space for money to just be there for them in an easy feeling way.
But for those who have not had this experience with money in their life, it will feel the opposite. In this way of life you have learned that money is scarce and that it is more important than you (because your choices didn’t matter, the monetary COST of your choices mattered, which meant to you as a child that money matters more than you).
You will have also learned that money DOES mean something about you, that it means that you are succeeding at life, or failing at it. Money in our world is like gold stars on a report card.
You will have learned that your value will be denoted in how much of it you have, and you will have learned the pain of not having it, and being judged as less than for not having it, or having a lot of it. Or too big for your boots if you ever did have it, or a lot of it. Not to mention your primal base need for it for survival.
And everything about your world will seem to reflect this conflict within yourself. This deep inner conflict that says that “money is definitely more important than me.”
So what do you do about it? How can you take something that matters so much to you (for the obvious reasons), and detach into that more solid neutral feeling place?
There are many ways of course, but one way is by slowly dismantling your beliefs about money and about yourself around money, which inevitably and always creates a NEW experience.
When that new experience is created, there is NEW evidence! And when you have new evidence, you have NEW expectations. And those new expectations you hold will then create more effortlessly for you moving forward, quite naturally!
But you first have to do the work of dismantling the system that’s already in there!
The old system of money is in place in you, and it is alive and well! Because it’s alive and well in the collective consciousness. You don’t dismantle it “out there”, you dismantle it IN YOU, and when you do, the new “out there” is created through you.
And one of THE core beliefs that holds up that ENTIRE FOUNDATION is the belief that money is more important than you. You cannot POSSIBLY be neutral about something you believe is more important than you. That just ain’t gonna happen.
Undoing this belief is the foundation of all of my courses and programs and it’s for a good reason, because I teach about creating a life that’s true to yourself and your own heart, a life that is beautiful to YOU in YOUR OWN WAYS, but you cannot possibly create a beautiful life that’s true to you and your heart while you believe money is more important than you and your heart, and is your master.
What happens when people enter my programs a lot of times, to tell you the truth, is their old plans and ways fall apart. I’m not saying that to scare you, I’m just being honest that when you stop perceiving money as the same importance or limitation over you, you start to make more authentic choices and your life starts re-arranging itself toward what truly matters to you.
Which can sometimes temporarily disrupt the previous flow and pattern that went with that money flow, so that it can change it into what is more aligned with your most authentic life.
And if you do not currently hold a belief that money supports what TRULY MATTERS TO YOU, then you will be given an “opportunity” at that point to discover that it CAN and it WILL, if you will allow it, and remain open and in trust of yourself and life.
That “opportunity” can often look like money shifting directions for a bit. Not because it has to but because it’s what you expect to happen based on what happened in your past!
But this is not a bad thing anyway, it’s actually a most golden opportunity, because what that does is create a space for you to love yourself where love has been SORELY NEEDED ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE…
love for the one who is not succeeding and winning at “the game of life” that was laid out and planned and put in place by other peoples rules, and by systems and societies you had no choice in.
Love for the one who never feels they measure up to those standards no matter how hard they try or how good they do.
And this is SO GOOD though, because when you are playing to win for others, you lose. Those wins are never really yours, and you know it. You know it deep down, and it hurts.
So as you love yourself through your own authentic choices, despite any rumbles along the way, when you DO win, it is finally really YOURS, and really YOU.
That learning to love yourself in those previously ‘unloveable places’ is what changes your entire life and opens up the many doors of possibility that you thought could never open to you or be possible.
AND it is what allows the conflicted energy and attachment about money inside you, that makes it seem harder to manifest, to move and clear so that it becomes more like the other things in your life that are created much more easily.
And as always, if you’d like some help with that, just reply to this email and I’ll be happy to direct you to what I think would be of most help based on where you’re at currently.
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