July 31, 2022

Reaching Out, Reaching In

Hand resting on moss and the text Reaching Out, Reaching In

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In my new Deep Rest To Manifest course, I dedicated one of the weeks to exploring beauty. I gather us in a collective energetic space and send us out to find what’s beautiful to us. It is one step in a series of 6 incremental steps that lead you HOME.
So this course is helping you reach OUT, to reach back in. All of my courses are doing that.
You can get that kind of work anywhere, I suppose. You can do it yourself just as well, perhaps. The only reason people join me in my courses is because they want to do it with ME. They want to be in my space and the energy I’ve created with my offerings simply because it’s spoken to them in some way.
It’s called to them, and they’re listening.
But what I know NOW is that actually, that is because they helped create it in the first place! Their soul was calling for it long before their conscious minds even knew it, and that energy collected in the cosmos and formed into a new creation to answer that call…
I was just lucky enough to be there and receive it and say yes to the birthing of it in this world. Little idea seeds floating around the cosmos, knocking on different people’s doors. Some people open the door. Some don’t. Some throw the seed back out into the cosmos for someone else to pick up.
Everything is connected, because everything is ONE.
One is, of course, not accurate, because it’s a number, but you get the idea.
When we reach out to others for help and guidance, all we’re ever really doing is reaching back in. Creating and returning, creating and returning, through the infinite vehicles of the physical world.
I send my members on a mission to find what’s beautiful to them because I believe that the things that are beautiful to us at any given time are WORKING WITH US on some level, a level that our conscious minds are not yet aware of. They are like golden nuggets that shine out of the landscape of our lives, and they are speaking to us.
I do not have people analyze what’s beautiful, or analyze why they think it’s beautiful or why they think it’s speaking to them… because I don’t want the mind to swallow up or muddy the energetic healing that is taking place in that communion.
I just encourage them to seek it out, and let it do its work with them on a level that they cannot see but will FEEL. And then (and only then), if some insight or spontaneous download about it comes, then, by all means, follow that thread.
But really what we’re training in:
is space.
Spaciousness for your being to emerge and be born in this world through your doing. We have a society and culture of doing.
We worship at the altar of doing. And we have forgotten how to BE.
We are now remembering, however! And we’ve been in that process of remembering for many, many decades, and we will be for many, many more!
Reaching out.
Reaching in.
It’s a dance!
It’s a beautiful symphony.
The play of life continually unfolding.
And THAT is something I find 
truly beautiful.
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