I struggled for so many years not knowing where the next client or paycheck was going to come from, living in constant hustle mode just to make ends meet. I would get a little bit ahead, and then something would happen and the rug would be pulled out. There would be an influx of money, projects or clients, and then it would all dry up. It was either feast or famine. There was zero stability, and it was absolutely exhausting. I was surviving, instead of thriving, and one day I woke up with an absolutely burning desire to change that reality forever, and I decided to do just that. That decision CHANGED MY LIFE AND BUSINESS FOREVER, and now I want to help you do that too!

But it was not the OUTER stuff that I did that made this difference, it was the INNER work that I did that manifested in the outer results. So often we are led to believe that we are just not DOING enough to get the money and success we want, but that is a LIE that you have been sold, and believed, and that lie keeps people struggling in survival, trying to DO more and more and never having it make a real difference, or just giving up because it's too exhausting.

But when you do the INNER work and shift your mindset, embracing more of the REAL YOU, you start to operate from a more effortless feeling place, and then everything you DO from that place just flows. The big secret is that you will resist what is easiest for you and discount the value of it immensely. That is why the inner work is the most powerful work you can do to have more, with more ease and joy. In this course and membership I will share how I went from struggling small business owner, forever stuck on the Feast or Famine roller coaster, to a smooth and steady more than six-figure business, on my own terms, in my own way, built with my values and true loves at the center… all while creating a better quality of life for my family, the people I work with, and myself.



• Stuck and/or exhausted in your business & life.

• Overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.

• Unclear about what the right next thing for you is.

• Dead tired of the financial instability and insecurity.

• Stretched too far and too thin.

• Disappointed and disillusioned.

• Like the joy and passion in your business is slipping away.

• Like you just can’t reach that next level & don’t know why.

• Like doors keep slamming in your face.

• Like you just want to quit and throw in the towel sometimes.


• Un-stick your stuck-ness & breathe new life into your business.

• Clear up the confusion & ease the overwhelm.

• Light up the path and choices that are right for YOU.

• Clear your blocks to receiving more abundance.

• Help you follow the true calling of your heart & soul.

• Break through your own personal glass ceiling.

• Receive more of what your heart desires with greater ease.

• Grow beyond what you’ve previously imagined possible.

• Trust yourself and life again.

• Restore your joy and ease in your work.

• Get paid more for your most natural gifts.

• Create breathing room in your business and finances.

• Take more time off, and do more of what you love!

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By purchasing above you agree that you are 100% responsible for your own reality and your results.





At its heart, this course is a ease-full paced and immersive way to find the freedom you’ve been searching for all your life. The freedom to be you, and do you, on your terms, in your way, and THRIVE. In all the ways. Dig in, and watch providence move too.

This course is everything I moved through and the mindset blocks I recognized, cleared, and worked through that led to me breaking through my own personal glass ceiling (self-created) and tripling my income working far less than I did before.

A truly effective and beautifully immersive way to clear your blocks to creating the life, work and wealth you’ve been (maybe secretly) dreaming of. It is ongoing mindset and emotional support for those who have big dreams and are ready to step into them.

Think of this membership like a train ticket, it’s your admission to an easy paced trip towards your freedom. And just like on a train ride, what I hope to provide you is a whole new view, landscapes you hadn’t seen before, places you didn’t know existed, and possibilities you hadn’t before been able to see with your own eyes.

I will be leading the way. There will be others on this journey with you, but they will be in their own seats at their own window, enjoying their own view. I’ve set up this ride so no one has to worry about other peoples windows, there’s enough of that out in the “real world”, here you will just look out your own window—if you are an introvert of any kind and/or privacy about your business and big dreams matters to you, this will be a welcome reprieve from the usual course/community structure. The beautiful thing about this train ticket is that since it’s purchased towards your own personal freedom, no one knows exactly where it goes! That is the beauty, and that’s what you get to find out. But you’ll feel better knowing you’re not alone on the journey, but STILL get to do your introvert thing. #igetit Allll aboard...

1. The first 8-weeks of the course is delivered to your inbox at a nice & easy pace of once per week. Each week will contain ONE chapter from the Feast or Famine No More Guidebook, complete with gorgeous imagery and prompts, magazine style, and a short very informal video chat where I share a personal story about that week’s subject. However you can, and should, do it at ANY pace you like, all of the materials are yours to keep so you can take it at your own pace.

2. This course & membership is designed to be EASY, lord knows you don’t need more time-sucks or complications in your life. I do not want to add to your list of things “to do” or to your feeling of not having enough time to get things done, and that is why I have designed this all to be easily digestible in very little of your time. Even if you JUST watched the videos, where I tell a personal story or share a mindset tip, you’d come away with gems galore. I want you to see it doesn’t have to be so hard to receive just the breadcrumb you need next on your journey.

3. After the first 8 weeks, you will get just one new module/chapter per month for the remaining year, plus Q&A call videos wherein I will answer questions or speak to current challenges that can be submitted by group members anonymously, so no one has to be embarrassed or not ask what they really want to ask! Not even I will know who the questions came from, so it will feel like much more of a safe place to do so. The link to this video will be delivered to your inbox so you can view on your own time and schedule (no calendar wrangling for live calls, hooray!)

4. This course delivers via email right to your inbox whenever there's a new lesson. There are no complicated platforms or passwords or logins to keep track of. Everything just comes right to your inbox for you to keep. None of the delivered course materials will go away, and the links to the materials do not expire. You can access them at any time. There is no schedule to upkeep and you will not “fall behind”. I truly want you to honor your own timing and needs.

This course may contain curse words, imperfections and/or the occasional grammatical mistake. The tone will be warm and inspiring, with an informal, conversational writing style, and un-fancy videos from a regular everyday woman who is not using sets or studio lighting, and who may, or may not, always say, or do, the exact right things! (I know right? The horror!)

Plus, I may even show up in said videos in my jammies some days, without a stitch of makeup and messy hair. If any of this is a deal-breaker for you, I totally understand. I’m all about being myself in my business, and myself is messy and imperfect but shows up anyway. So that is what I hope to model here, because it’s totally okay for you to not be perfect and still have everything you've dreamed for your life. So I'll be leaving my perfectionist at the door.



A few more views of what’s inside.


Once you're in, you're in. Because of that, you will watch yourself transform in that year because you had a virtual space that continually reminded you that you’re not NUTS for going after your big dreams and continually provided comfort, advice and mindset shifts to get there.

Everything I share during this year will be in service of you not only HAVING what you want but feeling worthy of RECEIVING what you want. This is slow and steady work, it's a complete identity shift from the one who struggles with the feast or famine pattern, and so I’ve determined this year long exploration is the BEST way to build that support right into your life. Once your year is paid in full, you have lifetime access. My hope and intention is you will revisit the material year after year because myself and others are doing this content again and again to reach our next levels, and every single time you do it, it will reveal something brand new – because YOU are a different person when you do it the next time. Plus there will be fresh videos, Q&A call recordings, and more goodies to help support you.

Oh honey, you are totally free to do so. And because this is mindset and healing work there’s definitely gonna be days when you do! 😂 I’ve never had a mentor or teacher who I didn’t hate some days because they pushed a button that honestly needed to be pushed so it could be healed. But I usually love them again with a little time, and my hope is you will too on those days I push your buttons.


Good question, and you know… you totally could! The current cost of this course breaks down to around $5 a day over the course of a year, which many people DO spend on bric-a-brac and noodles. Use your discernment. Choose what works best for you. Trust yourself and your own sovereign decision. I would just ask yourself which of these things is going to pay into YOU and your heart and souls happiness? It might be the noodles! I don't know, but I trust that your heart knows the way to what's right for just YOU, not what's right for me, or anyone else.


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I am thrilled to announce that the amazing and incomparable Keisha Dixon has graced this course with 4 new incredibly powerful and effective healing processes which help to bridge the body/mind gap and help you powerfully integrate what you've learned in the course. Keisha uses visualization along with EFT tapping, and her approach is entirely unique and more powerful than any I've seen! These videos appear in the course modules right along with the rest of the content, and will help you POWERFULLY shift your energy and attraction point by clearing what's in the way. Keisha's work has changed my life in the best possible way, she is a profoundly powerful healer and guide, and I am so grateful to be able to share her magic with you!


There are modules for every month of the year, here’s just a few of them below. You can pick and choose to do the ones you want to dive into, and even if you do the bare minimum, skip months, just watch the short video that month, or only read the ones that are interesting to you, it will change your life, and help you step into your dreams in new and powerful ways.

I would so love to have you join me. Just click below, and you’ll be in. This train starts rollin’ the moment you say yes. So hop aboard whenever you're ready, sweet pea. 🚂✨

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By purchasing above you are in agreement that you are 100% responsible for your reality and results.



Since joining FFNM I have signed 14 dreamy new clients in my program with ease, and without a traditional bells and whistles launch! I have the honor of serving more women while generating consistent 5 figure months. Sunni is absolutely brilliant at money mindset and creatively designing the business and life of your dreams! This is Money Mindset at it’s finest, and Sunni takes a holistic approach that captivates all of your senses, and digs deeper than the standard “that’s a limiting belief”. The Feast Or Famine No More course and membership is beneficial to all, and introverts (like me) will absolutely love the care she has placed in Q&A.” — K. Dixon, Transformational Wealth Coach

I absolutely loved this course! Sunni’s presentation is gorgeous, and her weekly videos were insightful and came from the heart. I highly recommend the course and I only wish it did not have to end!!” — E. Zuckerwar, Edie Zuckerwar Events

This course is seriously the best f***ing thing out there on this topic. It is powerful stuff and doesn’t just give people business and money ideas, but freedom, healing and roots. So they can truly grow something that continues to generate life for them. I love this course soooo much! As far as I’m concerned, Sunni is in a class by herself with this work.” — J. Davis, Art Therapist, Consultant & Author

This woman. This woman. I love her heart and her gentle yet badass spirit. This Feast or Famine No More Course was one of the best gifts I could have given myself. I cannot recommend it enough.” — A. Sommer, Freelance Writer & Photographer