What happens when you radically prioritize your own deep fulfillment? That's what we're going to find out. Fulfillment First is an ongoing experiment in creation and finding out what happens when you put your own fulfillment first. I have called it my un-course NOT because I don't love courses, I do! I create and sell those too! But this particular course is an UN-course because it is for intentional life creators who already know all the things about reality creation, and are full up with the facts and how-to’s but just need ongoing un-schooling in the old patterns, paradigms, fears, doubts, insecurities, hive-mind perspectives and resistance that continue to pop up. In addition this private pod features questions and prompts, inspiration and regular reminders to put you back in touch with your power to create your most beautiful life and/or business on your terms, and in your own way.

This un-course contains no lessons, steps to complete, or material you have to work through, no modules, no appointments on your calendar, and no calls to attend. It is an ongoing experiment in putting your own fulfillment first and seeing the magic of that unfold in a real and palpable way. This private pod is for you if:

1. You know you are a creator and that life is your mirror.

2. You want your schedule and time to be your own, and you just want to be able to access supportive reminders when you need them, as you need them, and not have more meetings/appointments on your calendar when you don’t.

3. You recognize you need continual un-schooling from the hive-mind to remind you that you’re not crazy for being you, but you don’t want more homework or specific call times to attend.

4. You want ongoing, easily accessible ways to move through the contrast and be reminded of what your soul already knows (but your mind has temporarily forgotten), and inspiration to inspire you when you get in a rut, or lose your spark.

5. You’re a self-led introvert/hermit and you don’t want to have to fix your hair to attend more zooms and sit awkwardly live on camera with tons of strangers at inconvenient times of day for you. (this one is optional but if this is you, I see youuu! 👊🏼 🧙‍♀️ )

Fulfillment First is ongoing and continual pick-it-up-when-you-need-it, leave-it-when-you-don’t inspiration and reminders of your truth. It is un-schooling from your conditioning and re-direction to your own authentic path and most beautiful life for your time here on earth.

It is also the only place I will share more personal stories and examples, practices, actual experiences, and specifics that I don't share on the regular podcast, as well as questions and challenges submitted from the community anonymously that I will answer.


What Is It & How Does It Work?

It is a collection of stories, examples, prompts, curiosities, simple practices, mindset shifts and ongoing guidance that will re-inspire you and remind you of your power of choice when you forget, as well as give you new ways to approach old issues and new perspectives on old patterns. These examples will come from both me and from the community, anonymously. There will be an anonymous form to submit your challenges or questions.

These will be recorded and stored as a private podcast space for members only which can be accessed from anywhere at any time on any device.

It is buffet-style learning so you can take what looks good and leave what doesn’t, there is no ‘order’ you have to listen, or catch up required, and no to do list to check off. There is 30 days of Fulfillment First prompts that you can take in order if you want, but you don't have to. Just pick up a nugget when you need it that feels like it is speaking to exactly the issue you have OR ask in the private form for the next episode. There’s no start or end dates. Play and engage when you feel like it, and don’t when you don’t. Come and go as you want. Take what works, leave what doesn’t. Trust your own wisdom and direction over all. My favorite way to fly!

$33.00 per month, cancel anytime