October 2, 2022

Never Worry About Money

Beautiful orange flower in the background and text over it: Never Worry About Money again

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What would it take to never have to worry about money ever again?
The answer on the practical level is obvious and varies from person to person:  hit it big, win the lotto, get some kind of massive windfall or inheritance, or become a mega success in business.
But to me, the answer is different. To me, what it would take is me just literally NOT worrying about money ever again, no matter WHAT is happening with money.
BAH! Most people would say. Is that even possible? Or advisable?!! I know most people would say no, absolutely not.
But I would say… do I worry about sunshine? Sunshine is in my world even when I do not see it for a time, or even when it appears to be obscured because of storms or smoke or night, or mountains or any number of things. But I don’t worry about it being there. The sun is our star. It’s there. And I know it will be out again in full. I know that because it is still shining elsewhere, even if not on me at that moment, that it is filling my world with abundance somewhere else, which all flows back to me, because I live in this world, and therefor I benefit from every particle of the suns rays that shine on landscapes far beyond my own. Even when it truly seems otherwise. While I am in cloud cover, fruits and vegetables are ripening in the warm suns rays in another place, and they will soon enough end up on my table.
So what do I think it would take to never worry about money again?
I think what it would take is a DECISION. I know how that sounds to most people, but it’s what I see. It’s a decision. A decision not to worry about money ever again.
So that, just like if I won the lotto and had a hundred million dollars in the bank, when worries about money would come up (out of old habit, and the previous way I had lived most of my life), I would simply remind myself that I have everything I need and more, and always will.
And then I would breathe again. 
I would breathe in the remembrance that I am “set for life”.
Because you can have all the money in the world and still worry about money—still live in fear and defense and protection about money. So “not worrying about money” starts within. No matter what the practical details may be.
But knowing you are “set for life” requires you to know you ARE life. Not something IN life being pushed around by it.
You were set for life the day you were born, set with every tiny microscopic thing that enables you to be here breathing now. Which is billions of things! And an unfathomable chain of events in YOUR life story that goes back billions of years!
So what if you, knowing you are set for life and always have been, just reminded yourself every time you worry about money that you have everything you need and more and always will? Reminded yourself that you have a massive reserve just there, circulating and collecting more abundance for you in the background?
You already know what to do on the practical level with what’s in front of you in the present regarding money, you do what you can from where you are, but worry is a thing that eats up all your energy and life force, and what could that life force do if it were set free?
Play with this. See how it feels.
I guarantee you it’s worth your exploration.
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