July 21, 2019

How To Find Your Hidden Money Blocks


I’ve been doing in-depth work on my money mindset for many years, using many different modalities, but after all this time there is still just one sure-fire way to find where your subconscious money blocks are and that is by:


getting REAL about your judgments about other people.

There’s truly no better way to know where you’re resisting having more money then to take some time to get really HONEST with yourself and drop for a moment any attempts to be “nice” and “evolved” about it and just take a REAL account of the way you’re thinking about people in the privacy of your own mind, because that is the thing that’s going to take you RIGHT to the heart of the matter like nothing else!

We can plaster a lot of positive self-talk and abundance affirmations over top of it, but our silent judgments will show us what we REALLY think every time.

So I want you to get out a piece of paper or a blank document, and GO. TO. TOWN. That’s right I said it, this is free reign to judge your face off like nobody’s watching. Cause nobody is! This is your space to get real and spill it.

But here’s the UBER IMPORTANT tweak, a lot of times people will try to do this in the abstract, using an abstract generalized “group” to write down their judgments, and write down a judgment like: “I think rich people are privileged, disconnected ass holes.” or “I think people with money are selfish and shallow.”

No. That’s not where the meat is.

You will subconsciously block yourself from BECOMING something you actively disdain and that you actively know other people disdain as well, which means you will subconsciously block receiving more money when you have these associations. But you cannot clean that up in the abstract using a group of faceless people like that, it won’t hit home, for it to really hit home you need to judge a SPECIFIC PERSON.


I know it seems not nice, and you’re going to resist it like crazy probably, but you’re thinking this stuff anyway, it’s going on in your mind whether you like it or not, so you may as well face it, get honest, and clear it.


Why on a specific person? Because it’s very easy for the conscious mind to skirt the issue by keeping the whole thing impersonal, and it’s much harder for us to do when it’s a real human that we KNOW.

Case in point: everybody’s cool with Beyonce being rich, but they have QUITE a different opinion of “normal people” they know who have money, or want money, or talk about wanting and deserving more money. And since it’s probably safe to say that you don’t see yourself as Beyonce, that’s why this is important work! (but girl if you do see yourself as Beyonce you keep right on with your bad self!! hell yes!)

This will challenge you, but it will really show you what to work on clearing. I personally love using The Work’s 4 Questions (by Byron Katie) on those judgments. Or EFT tapping (I know it’s weird, but it totally works!), first stating the worst possible judgements you could spit out, and then stating how you are open to releasing them, and are opening yourself to assistance in doing so, as you tap through the points.


So let me give an example using the 4 questions and a fictional character (but use a REAL person you know or at least know-of from a short distance! You will not get the full result to clear this unless you do, watch as your mind tries to NOT do this, and just go the generalized abstract route – don’t fall for it!) and pick someone that really bothers you and irks you:


Judgment statements: 

“Becky is totally out of touch with reality and spoiled and selfish AF.”  
or “Becky should be more focused on giving, she’s always thinking of herself!”
or “Becky has no idea how it really is, it’s gross how she flaunts her success!”
or “Becky is so shallow, she shouldn’t care about money as much as she does!”
or “Becky and her lux life is the whole problem with society!”

Let’s go with this one: “Becky is so shallow, she shouldn’t care about money as much as she does! That is the whole problem with society!”

The 4 Questions & Turn around:


1. Is it true? (this is your first top of mind answer)

example answer: YES.


2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (this is your opportunity to go deeper, to really drop into your deeper awareness and open don’t-know mind and ask again if you can ABSOLUTELY KNOW that that is true)

example answer: I don’t know. I guess not. So NO. I can’t ABSOLUTELY know that that’s true.


3. How do you react when you think this thought and believe it? (this is where you examine what happens in your body, in your mind, and in your LIFE when you believe this thought)

example answer: I reject Becky. I get angry. defensive. I feel disdain. disgust. I feel a little sick inside. I feel tensed up in my chest and solar plexus. I make Becky very small. I make me bigger. I make me better. right. I make me righteous. I feel disconnected. I feel stressed. I feel powerless and I view the world and Becky through a very narrow lens. I contract. and actually, when I look closer, I feel shame and guilt too.

4. Who would you be without that thought? (this is where you look and find out who and how you would be if you simply could not even think or believe that at all, just no access to that thought. check in with your body on this.)

example answer: I would feel calm. back in my center. I would just see Becky as Becky. I would just observe her without all this backlash inside. I would see she cares about the things she cares about. I would see I do too. I would feel less anxiety, and no guilt or shame. I would stay in my own business and keep out of hers. I would not pretend I really know about Becky. I would stop defending my right-ness and her wrong-ness. It would certainly feel a lot better.


The Turn Around: Turn it around (this is where you flip the statement around to the SELF and then flip it again to the opposite)

First turn it around to the self:

“*I* am so shallow, *I* shouldn’t care about money as much as I do! That is the whole problem with society!”


How could that be just as true or truer? List some ways:

“Oh yes, this could be just as true, the honest truth is *I* care about money too. I care about it a lot. It is not only integral to my survival, but to my well being and my safety and my family’s safety. The truth I don’t want to admit is money is VERY important to me and I care about it a LOT. And I think that must make me very shallow. Because I don’t want to just survive I want to thrive. But then I feel guilty for wanting to thrive because I believe that’s the whole problem with society at the same moment! So have shame about this and think that I am shallow too.”


Turn it around again, to the OPPOSITE:


Becky is NOT so shallow, Becky SHOULD care about money as much as she does! That is NOT the whole problem with society.

How could that be just as true or truer? List some ways:

“Oh god yes, this could also be just as true or truer! I actually see Becky doing some really nice stuff for people, she does actually give a lot to come to think of it. and she SHOULD care about money because money enables and supports in ways that we all need and want! she should want to thrive and she deserves that as much as anyone else. Besides who am I to say or know what she should or should not care about?? I should stay in my own business and let her take care of hers and what’s important to her. Plus the truth is it’s important to me too. I see that now. I want the same things. I’m not better, and I’m no different. And yes it could be just as true or truer that that is NOT the whole problem with society, the problem with society is hate, ignorance, and fear, fear and scarcity is where hoarding comes from, thriving is where empowerment comes from. Money is not the problem. Luxury is not the problem. Scarcity and fear-based mindset and ignorance and hate is the problem!”


Then you could turn it around AGAIN, to the OPPOSITE and the SELF:


I am NOT so shallow, I SHOULD care about money as much as I do! That is NOT the whole problem with society.”


How could that be just as true or truer? List some ways:


“Oh hell yes! I am not shallow, I just love beautiful things, and I love beautiful places, and most of all I love FREEDOM. And that’s why I care so much about money, and I should care about it, because the more I have the more empowered I am to make new and different choices, and have new and different opportunities, and CREATE new and different opportunities for others, and that means the world to me! Plus I should care about money as much as I do because I FREAKING DO, it’s just HONEST. I DO like luxury. I DO like beautiful things. I DO like having money in the bank and I DO like having choices and freedom. And that is not a problem for society, that is only a problem for society if I am coming from a scarcity, limited supply, fight-to-hoard-my-piece kind of mindset. Society needs more people who are not coming from that place to have that kind of power of choice and freedom. I do not need to come from fear and scarcity, that is what leads to problems. Not money.”

See where I’m going with this?? See how liberating that can be? How eye-opening on a level deeper than just a positive statement you tell yourself? This work is HUGE and it will really shift things. But you have to do it yourself to really FEEL it. And it has to be on a specific person because that is the person the universe is sending you to say “hello, are you catching my drift about your limiting beliefs?! here’s your giant hot button!” 

Take some time to try at least one and see what you discover! I know this was a long one, but I promise, it can change your life.


Big love to you for stepping up and being that change!


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