November 15, 2020

An Evolution Of Ease

Remember when watching a movie at home involved the following steps?… 


1. drive down to a video rental store

2. spend probably 30 minutes to an hour looking for a movie

3. pay for said movies rental fees 

4. drive home 

5. watch said movies 

6. have to drive all the way back to the video rental store to return

7. probably don’t do it on time because, life

8. rack up a bunch of late return fees and end up paying about 3-4x the rental amount for said movies 

9. the next time you want to watch a movie, repeat this all over again.


Now, it is as easy as curling up in your bed, clicking a button on the remote, and watching. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Is that amazing or what?! And now this is the completely normal and accepted reality, but we used to have to do ALL OF THAT just to watch a movie… and now, we don’t. Just. Like. That.


The other day I ordered something from Amazon, and it said it was delivered. It wasn’t delivered.


In the past, I would have had to get on the phone, wait on hold, go back and forth with a representative endlessly, and send proving documents, etc. Now, I went to Amazon, clicked a button, connected with a chatbot, and with a couple clicks, the chatbot knew exactly which order I’d made, asked me if that was the right one, and simply shipped out a new one that very instant, all without talking to a single human and in a matter of minutes! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯


To pay for things, you used to have to: drive to the bank, go inside, talk to a teller, withdraw cash, drive to the place you wanted to buy something, pay, and then drive home. 


Now, you don’t even have to leave your armchair and you can pay for something with a fingerprint or a face scan, without ever seeing any actual money. Just invisible numbers circulating around the globe electronically exchanging in a never-ending flow.


For a large percentage of the global population, our physical reality is getting easier and easier in many ways over the last century with the advancement of technology, and especially these last few decades, in terms of ease of what we have to do, and how much time it takes for the many tasks of our physical reality. But interestingly, our mental and emotional reality seems to be getting harder and harder in many ways over that same period of time.


I believe that that is an intentional direction of our evolution as a species on this planet, because as the energy we have to expend in our physical reality dwindles, that energy is available to move towards a whole new kind of expansion and evolution… a mental, emotional and spiritual one, which will ultimately lead to the healing of our species on an entirely different level.


Perhaps it is by design that a whole new kind of ease is created in our lives so that our energy can be freed up for this deeper healing and evolution that we so desperately need, and perhaps someday in the future things like the earning and circulation of money will also be largely effortless, as humans enter into a whole and harmonious state of connection with themselves, each other and all things.


As the song goes, “you may say I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one”. What does it look like when the human species doesn’t have to struggle in survival mode over money and livelihood anymore? What does that massive amount of freed up energy create in this world? I believe we are on the slow train to finding that out, more and more every passing year.


I share all this with you because you do not need to wait for humanity to catch up with the idea of leaning into ease with money and work, just as our society has done with countless “impossible to make easier” things over the last century. 


You don’t have to be limited to the current rules of reality, you can be amongst those that CREATE THE NEW REALITY of ease in this world, simply by working on your beliefs about that, from the inside out. When you do this, the outside starts to match the inside work you’ve done, and that is when new realities are born.


It is my hope that my work in the world will help ignite and spread that change to others, just as it has been ignited in me FROM others.


I for one am honored to be part of this expanding wave of ease and joy around money and its creation and utilization in our lives… and to be pioneering new ways for that to be possible and true, how about you?


If this all sounds good to you, but right now business feels far from a feeling of ease, then I invite you to join me in my Feast or Famine No More Course where we will dive into turning that around, from the inside out »