March 3, 2024


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Okay, so you’ve rebelled against the rules. 👏  
But have you re-written them??
When you rebel against stuffy old paradigms that choked the life out of you in the past, that’s step one. It’s liberating and it feels totally amazing and it’s a necessary movement and part of our universal evolutionary process of change that is always ongoing… call it life, call it love, call it god, call it what you want but it’s that process of expansion that is always happening. It’s normal. It’s natural. That’s why I remind you of that part…
but then, once you’ve rebelled against it, it’s time to define what rules work for YOU!
We don’t need to buck rules entirely, obviously. Because rules just define. Like “don’t play on the train tracks”. Other rules are not so cut and dry though. Because different rules work for different people in very different ways all over the world, just look around and see how many different versions of success there is, how many different ways people do things,  create things, and how they get the same results in many, many different ways.
Happiness, safety, success, health, wealth and prosperity are not one-size-fits-all things! Obviously 😂 People experience those things in many different ways through different means. Each one of them has very different rules for their life and what they believe got them there to that result. And they are ALL RIGHT… for THEM.
What we believe works, works. That is the power of belief. It paints the entire picture of our lives. What works for one person does not work for another person. What we believe works works for us individually.
So the trick is defining what rules work for YOU, and then affirming that to yourself by telling yourself WHY they work for you, and WHY that is important to you that they be that way (because there’s always important reasons why you want it that way), and then give yourself examples of where and how that rule works (so your mind can get on board with you, otherwise it will fight you because it’s like “this doesn’t make sense to me, I’ve always seen that x = y and you’re telling me x = z, no it doesn’t!”).
So you need to show your mind that evidence, show it places in the world where that is working for someone else, that rule is different for someone else, the rules you saw in your world that you think have to apply to you are not the same rules other people are having to live by, they have made their own. So show your mind that, and show it WHY that’s important to you to do it a different way, because when you see the purpose and reason of that and what that allows you to do, be, or have, your logical mind will understand it, and get on your side. And that is when you powerfully create the new!
But when you stand in rebellion of certain rules you don’t want in your life, then you don’t allow yourself the freedom of seeing that rule that you don’t want or like as just ONE OPTION, just one neutral option that you could choose if you want to, and then granting YOURSELF the freedom to choose what you want, and make your own choice now.
Because if you stand waiting for someone else to grant you that freedom you might be waiting forever. So you have to grant yourself the freedom and remind yourself of your freedom to choose what you want and make your own choice now.
That’s all you’re really ever looking for.
But when you stay in the inner push back it’s because part of you still believes you don’t have a choice, and that you HAVE TO do it their way, or you won’t be okay. So just show your mind that you will, by showing it evidence and examples of others who ARE doing it the way you want to do it, or similar, and show it times when you HAVE changed the rules, to rules that work for you in your life, in other places and other things you didn’t think you could change, but did!
That way you can leave the war behind.
Part of the trouble is your mind sees that other peoples rules WORK FOR THEM, and so it’s like “um, you are deluding yourself! Look at them, their rules about life or money or business or work or career or relationships worked for them, they’re doing well, they’re safe see!?”
… but all you need to remember is that just because those things worked for others does not mean they are the ONLY THINGS THAT WORK.
Which again, is easy to see when you look at how lots of things work for lots of different people, all the time, everywhere all over the world in lots of different ways. So it’s about choosing what works for YOU, and then showing yourself that that works too. If there are examples you can use for evidence of that out in the world, use those, and then just do small experiments in your own life in small ways that begin to build trust and build new proof and new experiences that your mind can settle into.
I personally have noticed that all of my desires for success and money in my life were really at their core about me simply wanting the freedom to choose. And I can give myself my freedom of choice at any time and any moment, by first reminding myself I already have that freedom. And that even though I might not be able to make exactly what I want to appear appear in my life in an instant at any given time, I can STILL CHOOSE IT and move towards it because I have chosen it in the first place.
Like when I chose to have a creative career and my own business. I didn’t believe I could choose that at that time, I didn’t have money behind me to just choose that at that time, but I just decided what I wanted, and chose what I wanted, and then the trail of breadcrumbs to get me there showed up one step at a time. And because my choice was made, I followed them.
We are always getting choices, but we are not always choosing the ones we want. Because we are afraid! And that’s okay! And totally normal. But as long as your desire and wanting for your choice is just even slightly bigger than your fear, you’re on your way.
And that WAY is an ever unfolding process of your soul, your whole being. And it’s the journey of love and adventure you came to experience here on earth.
You can always choose in the direction of your desire, you can always choose the thing that feels the most like the way you want to go, or the thing that supports you, or you KNOW will support you in the way you want to go. And inevitably, you will arrive there. And it will surprise you! And delight you.
So stay with yourself. Trust yourself. Listen to yourself and let yourself be your own authority. All of my work is designed to support you in just that. To support you in loving, trusting, and choosing yourself and your own version of your most beautiful life.
As always, if you’d like some help with that, you can find all of my work and ways to work with me at, I suggest using that page like an oracle of sorts, just go to the page itself and scroll down the page and see what leaps out at you, see what calls to you the most, whatever it is it’s probably exactly what you need most at this time.
See you next Sunday!