September 18, 2022

Let Yourself Fall Apart

Clouds, moon in a grey-green background and text overlay - Let yourself fall apart,

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Let yourself fall apart,
and not know… 
let yourself not know
who you are so that
all of those boxes come open.
For when they do,
new possibilities emerge.
Possibilities that could not be
seen or touched from your
neatly packaged former self
and reality.
You were not meant to
hold it together,
nothing in this universe has
ever done so for any amount of time.
Atoms and molecules,
swimming in light,
dancing in constant motion.
All of existence is falling apart
and coming together at all times,
and you’re no different.
A particle of dust does not
know it’s a star,
nor does the space that
ignites it.
It doesn’t need to.
It happens just
the same.
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