July 25, 2021

Going Places

Woman watching horses and text: Going Places



If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I recently got back from a 4 week road trip with my husband Kenny and our two fur babies Haddie & June. It’s just us and the open road in our RV, exploring beautiful new places, and resting and relaxing in more familiar ones. 



These trips, and the ability to take that much time off and away from work without worrying about the money or the time off is an absolute dream come true for me. 



I get to sit in our cozy bed and drink coffee and eat snacks and look out the window at new and gorgeous views of the ocean, mountains and rivers. To write and reflect, to take walks on the beach, and to laugh with my loves until our bellies hurt (and also cry because, have we met? 😂).



This is actually our 2nd trip like this this year, and if you’d have told me this would be my reality many years ago when I was stressed and overwhelmed, and barely making ends meet, I would never have believed you.



But this dream came true BECAUSE I dared to dream it. I dared to dream I could do it my way. I dared to dream that I could have freedom, and quality of life, and time and fulfillment, and do good in the world AND have money with ease.



And that is exactly what has happened. The details and how that looks has changed over time, my business and my income has changed over time, things have been lost, things have been gained, but my freedom and quality of life have only gotten better every year since I’ve begun.



I thought there was no way I could have money AND freedom AND love AND success. But I can, and I do, and so can you!



All I’ve ever had to do was take the next step in front of me, and all I’ve ever had to face is the FEELINGS that come up in me around deciding what I want to do, and actually doing it. All I’ve ever had to do was intend, and stay the course, and the rest works itself out as if by MAGIC.



When I chose to walk this path in life, I stopped hustling on the outside and started healing on the inside… and every layer I’ve felt and released has revealed to me a deeper level of joy and ease than I ever imagined I could feel.



It occurred to me the other day that the reason I am so obsessed with ease is because what ease really means is peace. And peace means not having to earn your right to experience the things you want to experience in this life. It means not waiting for yourself to be MORE.



It means honoring who you are, as you are, right here and now, and creating your vision for your life from inspiration and from love, instead of from fear and from force.



You CAN create that life you love and always dreamed of. It is right there waiting for you to say YES.



You can do it your way. You don’t have to do what other people do, you don’t have to charge what other people charge, you don’t have to follow the road map, you really can do what works FOR YOU. And when you do that, you’ll naturally find the ones it works for! Everybody wins.



So what dreams are you dreaming for your life and business now? And how can I help get you there ?