September 6, 2020

Don’t Underestimate Your Power

I recently found out that one of my oldest clients, one of the first clients I had, whom I worked with for many years, and whom came to me when she’d just self-published her very first book, has now sold over 6 Million copies of her books worldwide. This absolutely blew my mind.



I already knew she was successful, but she had taken a bit of a sabbatical from writing for the past few years, but we’ve stayed in touch. I remember the day when things really took off after Apple iBooks contacted her based on her cover designs (which I’d done at that time) because they looked so much better than everyone else’s covers in her genre, so they wanted to feature her, and things really ramped up from there.



But I didn’t know how far they ramped up, and just HOW amazing her success has been, but it absolutely filled me with delight to hear this from head to toe, and to know that I got to play a part in that and could help nourish that success and dream to fruition, in any small (or big) way.



I share this with you to remind you of a few things:



1.  Never underestimate the power of your gifts and what they can do for someone else, no matter how small you think your role is, or how insignificant. You WILDLY underestimate your value and your power when you do this! When the truth is you have NO idea what is possible, and you have no idea the ripple effect that you have on people and their life, just as other people have that same ripple effect on yours.



2. Never underestimate the power of your gifts and what you can do for yourself! Again, no matter how small or insignificant you think your gifts to be, you have NO idea what you are capable of until you try. Because what you do for others, you could do for yourself too, and then some! The sky is not the limit. You just need to believe in yourself, your worth, your value, and your power to do the impossible.



3. Never underestimate how the thing you give is then taken and built on. If you fail to see the interconnectedness of things, and the butterfly effect that every little thing in this world has, you will think that what you give or do is limited to the thing itself, and in doing so you will miss the absolute MIRACLES that unfold from that thing. What you give is a seed. A seed that was the start and the foundation of something else, and then something else, and then something else, in a long trail of effects that culminate in not just one life made better, but countless infinite lives! If you discount ANY piece of the whole, you discount the whole itself. If you discount the love you give, you discount love itself.  



4. Never underestimate how the things that others have given to you are ALSO these very same seeds in reverse! See the ways that they have effected you, and brought you to who you are now, and where you are now. Every little seemingly small or insignificant thing: something said, something read, something given, something paid, has played its part in an infinite reciprocal flow of give and receive. This flow is happening every minute of our lives without us having any idea of its far reaching effects. If we could see the intelligence of that, if we could comprehend that, it would absolutely blow our minds.



Lastly, because I work with SO many women who feel SO guilty about their success or about sharing it (because we get shamed in this culture for doing so as women), I want to also remind you to never underestimate the power of your success and the effect that it has on others.



My clients success totally inspired me, and reinvigorated me, and it took the lid right off my expectations and previous limitations, and if she had hidden that light under a bushel or been all modest about it and not “toot her own horn” by sharing that success, she would have missed her opportunity to inspire and ignite the fires of countless other women to dream their own big dreams, and dream bigger.



The sky is not the limit my loves! And the more we honor each of our own hearts desires, and have the courage to let ourselves shine and succeed, the more we grant invisible permission for others, and the world becomes a better place for ALL.



Because when women have more money, the scales of power in this world are going to tip, and the old model of scarcity, competition and hustling for worthiness is going to start to vanish as that happens, at an increasingly fast rate.



There are already more millionaires and billionaires then ever before in this world, and the old rules of college education = wealth & success no longer apply. People with no training or university degrees have created vast amounts of wealth with pure creativity, determination and invention!



I recently scrolled the list of all 2,095 known billionaires in the world, and there was of course far too little diversity on that list, for both women and people of color, but that is going to change rapidly in the years to come. I smiled knowing one day there will be a beautiful blend of all peoples on that list, because the old ways are being broke down more and more, and the new ways are now emerging. They are tiny seedlings now, but one day they will be great Oaks.



So let’s be part of that shift, simply by honoring our power to do so. And by honoring the call of our hearts. Because they DO know the way. We just don’t trust them enough. But it’s time for us to trust them more than ever.



Who’s with me?



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