October 22, 2023

Just Because

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When is the last time you let yourself receive something just because?
When is the last time you let yourself DESIRE/WANT something, just because?
How often do you feel the need to explain and/or justify your desires, wants and needs? Even to yourself?
Do you need to tell yourself that you are going to let yourself have this or that so that you can then be there for others, and do for others?
That is very sweet, and of COURSE you care for others, but do you see how when you do that… when you justify your self-indulgence and self-care and self-love and self-nourishing in that way that you have already started pouring out your cup before you have even allowed it to get full???
You are not even poured INTO yet, and you’re already pouring out!
It’s like you don’t get to want things, need things, love things and have things JUST BECAUSE.
The only thing you’re allowed to have JUST BECAUSE is a bubble bath or a freakin’ time-out as is portrayed to you in the media and movies.
Well I am here to tell you, you get to have WAY more than that. But you have to choose it. You have to decide.
It is UP to you to decide you’re going to have whatever experiences you want to have. But if you’re waiting for the world to tell you you deserve it, you are ALWAYS going to get mixed reviews. And to be honest you are always going to argue with YOURSELF over that fact too (I go into that big time in Peaceful Prosperity lol 😂).
But if you just decide to pour into yourself, and let yourself experience the life you want to live, everyone benefits. 
BUT! big but! lol … YOU don’t have to think about that part. It happens naturally, when you ACTUALLY ALLOW YOURSELF to be filled up.
So how do you do that? When you have had a lifetime of training that taking care of yourself is selfish and putting others before yourself is what makes you good? How do you know your goodness, feel loved and safe AND receive without feeling a sense of immediately  OWING for that receiving?
Well, one thing you can do is join Peaceful Prosperity, it will help you meet the parts of yourself you need to meet in order to let that happen. There are parts of you that are VERY invested in NOT letting that happen and we need to speak to those parts and create some mutual understanding.
Another thing you can do is ask yourself what you would want if nobody was on earth to judge you? Or nobody needed ANYTHING from you? Or if EVERYTHING and EVERYONE WAS OKAY?  What would you want then? Is it something you can give you? Is there a step towards it you can take??
And will you take that step for yourself?
Only you can answer.
Have fun with it sweet peas. And if you would like to build some momentum, feel free to share with me what you’re going to give yourself this week JUST BECAUSE, I will keep it safe in my box of magics for ya.
What am I going to give myself this week you ask?
Oh, I am going to give myself back all the desires I took away from myself a long time ago and shamed myself for. I am not going to let that shame be my master anymore. That’s what I’m going to let myself receive. MY OWN FRICKIN’ WANTS back from whatever authority I gave them over to. But that’s just me. 😉
I wish you well in whatever you’re giving yourself this week, see you next week!
…and if you need help clarifying what you want, or clarifying what is in the way and getting it OUT of the way, you know where to find me »