April 2, 2023

You Cannot Be Replaced

Woman hand on a paper map, with an old camera and text overlay: You Cannot Be Replaced

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A word about fear of being replaced, undervalued, unappreciated, or unsupported because of technological advances:
Since the dawn of time, even prior to human existence, but of course including all of human existence, certain things have become easier so that certain OTHER things could then be done.
This applies to evolutions of every kind and class. From animal and plant to human and technology. Certain things get easier, so that certain NEW things can then be done.
When something that used to take a lot more time and effort and hard work becomes easier (like through the invention of the wheel), yes, that changes things, but that change then simply CREATES a whole new world of things to do and focus on instead.
Essentially, the advance creates MORE CHOICES.
More freedoms… that then get channeled into NEW creations. And on and on it goes, forever and ever. 💗
When the wheel was invented it probably gave the “rock bag dragger” the cold sweats for a few nights, yes.
But then he simply put that valuable energy of his into pushing a barrel, or maybe he used the opportunity to transition to crops because he’d always loved that more, or maybe he built himself a wagon and rolled him and his family right on outta there! Who knows?! Maybe he used the down time to connect with his wife, to teach his son to fish, or a hundred other things. You get the idea.
Things getting easier, and the previous levels of hard work, struggle or “processing” that were needed being suddenly over is not new! It’s been going on for literally FOREVER!
Why do you think parents told you the story about walking 10 miles in the snow to school without shoes in their day?! 😂 Now you ride the bus like a freaking spoiled brat, the nerve! 🤣 It is SUPPOSED to get easier, beloveds. It’s not SUPPOSED to stay hard. That’s the way life works.
But you will always be needed and vital to Life, that is why you are here in the first place!
Life will show you what to do next, life will provide for you always. And you will be able to see what that is for you when you relax your fears, get still, and listen to the whispers of your soul. But even if you don’t do that, you will STILL be shown the way!
Because life loves you that much.
And always will. 💗
Even at the end, you’ll just be back in its arms. 💞💗 But you don’t need to exit this plane in order to feel that support.
It is here now, all around you.
So don’t sweat technological advances. Don’t sweat competition from humans or machines or otherwise. You don’t HAVE any competition.
There is no one and nothing on earth that is precisely exactly like you, and you are a vital piece of this puzzle here, you got it??
The more you honor that and love yourself as-is, the smoother these transitions will be. There will ALWAYS be purpose and passion and progress for you. ✨
And I am not just talking about while you are alive. 💞
Always. 💗
No one can take anything from you that you do not willingly give away to them, believing they have your power.
Your power has never left you.
Not a single day in your life. 💕
It may hide sometimes. It may get obscured. But it is there. Right there within you. You don’t even have to go looking for it…
Just dare to love yourself exactly as you are right here and now. When you do that… IT will find YOU. ​ 
💗💕 ​ ​ ​ ​
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