April 21, 2024

It’s Working

The image features an aerial view of a body of water with several boats. There is text overlaying the image in a decorative script that reads "IT'S WORKING," and below in a smaller, plain font, it says "MAKE MORE, DOING LESS, BEING YOU." At the top left corner, there is a website address: "SUNNICHAPMAN.COM." The color palette is mostly tones of teal from the water, with the warm browns of the boats providing contrast.

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When you are trying to create or change or manifest something new in your life, you may have a part of yourself who is always there in the back screaming: “It’s not workingggg!!!” (I have a hilarious SunMun Money Mindset Monster image of this one that is my favorite and cracks me up! lol) Because it’s so familiar, that narrative. It seems so powerful!
But it isn’t.
It’s a ghost.
How many things in your lifetime have you thought that about that then later worked, in some way, somehow? Maybe not WHEN you wanted, maybe not exactly how you initially wanted, but it eventually worked just fine, and often better than you had even planned on before, in hindsight?
And still that voice persists.
But I recognized something funny about that voice recently that really helped me respond to it differently… I recognized that that voice is the voice of the system. The system outside-in system that is not part of my inside-out life or way that I create.
What I mean by that is, when you believe that there is something, somewhere, somehow that “works” it is a FOREVER game of cat and mouse. You are the one chasing the thing that works, and the thing that works is forever changing, and this is why you have all of these people saying ‘this works!!” and then “this doesn’t work anymore, now it’s THIS that works!!” and then later “never mind, it’s THIS that works now, not that!” … 
and it goes on and on forever, just constantly morphing into the next ‘latest greatest’ thing, and you’re always the one who is chasing this illusive “thing that works”. And you never get to feel settled, or safe, or like you can relax and get comfortable. And a lot of people would argue you shouldn’t be comfortable! And you can’t have that! And I would completely disagree, even though everything is always changing. Yes, everything is always changing, AND… you get to have comfort and relax, also.
And this is the way of doing things from the outside-in, instead of from the inside-out.
If you are here you know that you create from the inside-out, you create with your beliefs, you create with your intentions, your stories and feelings, you create with your decisions and your choices. Yet there are still places where you feel powerless, and that’s normal, it’s part of the game of life to feel that way…
HOWEVER, if you are here, then you are someone who has come to light up those areas of powerlessness, and to reclaim your power to create a different story around that thing. That is how you live your life, that is how you operate, that is what your soul is here to do.
So this: “it’s not working!” thing is simply raising a little red flag to mark the place where you have decided the externals or the system or other people or life/universe/god has the power and you do not. And how do you feel when I say that?
And that’s you just planting that flag in that spot, and saying “hey, here’s where you feel powerless still”, and it’s just asking you to check in with yourself about whether or not that is true?
And if you do think it’s true, how do you know for sure? Can you absolutely know that? Beyond a shadow of a doubt? From that Cheshire Cat view? Can you really know that? And if not, why are you believing it? And how would you be different if you didn’t believe it? What would you do different, if you didn’t believe it? How would you react to what is happening NOW in your life, if you didn’t believe it?
Do you see how “it’s not working” is like a question? It seems like a statement but it’s like a question, it’s seeking what IS working, it’s seeking power. It’s not BEING POWER. It’s not BEING the power to decide. To decide: it’s working.
To decide: what is going to work for you.
To decide that it is going to work, and it is working, even when you do not yet see the evidence of that, and you stay with that vision and that inner knowing of yours and why you’re creating that in the first place, and why that’s important to you, until it manifests in form, and it becomes your new normal.
I have done this with soooooo many things that I thought I could not do that with. SOOO many things that I thought “that’s not the way it works, it works like THIS, that’s just the way it is in the world.” And thank god the fiery spirit in me was like “NO. I don’t care how it works in the world, this is how it’s going to work for me, because that’s what I want to CREATE in the world, and this is my world too! And this personal world is my world entirely, so yes, this IS the way it works, it’s the way it works now, in my world.”
And when I dared to do this, and stayed with myself on it, I stopped having to play that cat and mouse game of chasing “what works”. I just decided how I wanted it to work and made it work. It was and is the most liberating, and gorgeous, and exciting, and stabilizing, and calming thing I have ever done.
And I’m doing new things all the time that push my belief in that, and bring up all my doubt all over again, but it’s just the same as before, as I trust myself and simply decide and stay with me on that, regardless of what I am seeing in my external world at the time, it always comes to pass.
So… whatever it is that YOU are working on creating in your life, make your choice, and than make it again and again as many times as you need, no matter what you’re seeing reflected to you right now. You are not asking a question about it working. You’re TELLING. You’re TELLING yourself and life what you are creating, and you’re continuing to cast that spell until it’s real and right in front of you. And you are using your faith and trust to bridge that gap.
And as always, if you need some help with that or want to play with that more and amp up that power to create more, I have lots of beautiful ways to do that right here or at the image grid links below 👇✨
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