May 14, 2023

Some Call It Delusion, Some Call It Creation

White tree blooms in the background, and text over it: Some Call It Delusion, Some Call It Creation

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Some People Call It Delusion.
Some People Call It CREATION.
You guys… can I just tell you how absolutely FASCINATED I am by the science of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world, and how that effects and literally changes ourselves the world?!
Obsessed! lol 😂  I am such a geek about it, I just LOVE it so much, and I am endlessly fascinated by this strange power we all hold, even though so many of us are completely unaware of it.
When I see or hear or catch myself believing something or telling myself something that is unsupportive to the reality I would like to experience, I change my story about that as soon as I recognize it. And this happens all the time! So my reality is always ‘under construction’  🚧 🚧 😂 🥰 and I LOVE that! If I don’t like it, and I don’t like the way it feels to me, I get to change it.
Some people would call that delusion.
And some people would call that creation.
I am the of the latter kind, obviously. 😂 
I suspect if you’re here, you are too.
And yet, you may sometimes feel frustrated or disillusioned by your power to create and question it, so I want to share with you why I think this seems to work more powerfully for some than others. 
I know you’ve heard it all before in the realm of manifestation and intentional creation, but I’m here with a slightly different take on the actual point of power here. But first let me tell you a bit more about my extreme love of this art and how I came into it.
In retrospect I think I always knew this power on some level, and I think we ALL really do, deep down, but I think I was more in touch with it just because of the very different ways I chose to do things, the more courageous way I chose to try things, and how I dared to do a lot of things that just “weren’t done that way” before I even knew my power to create a different path JUST by changing my consciousness.
But I couldn’t name that at the time,
I didn’t know that is what I was doing.
It wasn’t until after my “spiritual path” started to unfold at around 30 years old that I remembered and re-learned about this innate power we all hold. (I put that in quotes because we are always on our spiritual path without exception! 😂 we just might not call it that or be aware of that at certain times in our lives).
There were many many ways that became apparent to me and surprisingly it was NOT through manifestation teachings at first. That came later.
What sparked this probably the absolute most for me was my introduction and deep dive into ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie. 15 years later I still use it ALL THE TIME.
To this day, nothing has been more powerful and transformative to my life than this tool. It was the first time that I experienced for myself in a VERY real and PALPABLE WAY how something you believed to be true could be totally undone and shown the OPPOSITE to be true, in a matter of minutes.
I witnessed how the mind could completely shift from what it was absolutely CERTAIN of, to the complete opposite viewpoint in just a few moments, and could go from harrowing grief or fear or anger to laughter(!) just by investigating that story, and I was absolutely GIDDY with this discovery!
It was like breaking out of a prison I have lived in my whole entire life.
The more of ‘the work’ I did, the more I saw that NO BELIEF is really true. But that we could just question the ones that cause us pain and suffering. I saw that my thoughts and stories were just projections and that I could adjust the projector by inquiring within myself.
No need to go trying to control and change others or reality or the world… that I could come back to unconditional love and peace and joy without having to do any of that (which I had no idea or clue how I would ever be able to do anyway — what a freakin’ relief! 😅)
This was my foundation.
It didn’t rid me of my ‘mind/ego’ and I wouldn’t want it to, all it did was give me a powerful awareness of how the mind/ego works, and with this awareness came such ENORMOUS COMPASSION, and spaciousness, and with that spaciousness and compassion came the power to CHOOSE.
My empowerment was reignited then. Our empowerment is always reignited once we see we actually have a choice.
You see, you cannot choose what you don’t believe you can choose. And when you believe absolutely in the stories that your mind is telling you about things, there is no space, and thus no choice. The space IS the choice!! But when you don’t have space, there’s no choice. You are just going with the narrative you hold. There is no other option in that picture.
That is why I am here to tell you a different perspective on affirmations, mantras, and manifestation techniques today…
Because I see a lot of people (including myself in the past) trying and failing to change their story about something, to tell themselves a new and more supportive and helpful story about something, instead of the one they have been telling themselves about what is possible for them and about how reality IS, and that is because the point of power in this is not actually in the STORY itself, or the affirmation itself, but in the deeper realization that ALL stories are both true and false, and neither true nor false, at all times.
And that requires a great deal of courage to see.
It can be very unsettling to the mind that wants to “KNOW” how things are in a concrete way, it is not how most people want to live. They want to be certain of things. It gives them a feeling of stability and definition. To see the deeper truth of thoughts and beliefs can be at first destabilizing because it reminds us of our impermanence and the impermanence of all things.
The mind see’s that if stories can just crumble like that, so can IT! 😱  It is a glitch in the “matrix”, and a disturbance to the picture of reality we held prior.
But I personally found that “stability” to be stifling and absolutely suffocating to my freedom.
When I discovered this it was like the breath of life was breathed into me. And I am not over exaggerating when I say that. It literally gave me life. Prior to that I had struggled so much, with so much, and felt utterly powerless about all of it. This gave me my power back.
I could never have succeeded the way I do now by just telling myself a more supportive story or narrative about what I want to happen in my life IF I did not have the simple but profound power of being rooted in the AWARENESS of the stories that go through my mind with a bit of distance, enough so I can see that both stories are OPTIONS, and that they both have roads spread out in front of them, and I can choose whichever one I like, and that choice will take me down that story’s road.
All I have to do is practice the story that is unfamiliar to me.
I can always find ways that that more supportive story it is already true if I think it is totally false. And also, I can have patience as the mind learns its way along this new neural pathway I am creating, this new road of this new story I’m telling.
The mind is used to the other road, the one where you tell yourself you’re not good enough, or that that person, place or thing is your problem, or whatever it is that seems to be in your way.
So my point with all this is that it’s not just telling yourself the new story or affirmation of what you’re creating. That rarely works. At least not super powerfully.
The real power and turning point is in your simple AWARENESS of the stories you’re telling, and the knowing and clear seeing that awareness itself holds ALL STORIES of every kind, and lets them all pass and play out in and AS itself, without judgment. 
Every story, good, bad, ugly, horrible, wonderful, supportive, destructive… they are all in consciousness, they are all allowed to be, and they are! Whether we like them or not, there they are.
But when we step back and get a bit of space from them, that is where our power to choose lives. You can access that state by questioning your beliefs with something like Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ or you can access that state through meditation, through your own style of self inquiry, and lots of other tools. Anything that gets you in touch with the witnessing present awareness of you.
It is one thing to conceptually understand all of these things, but it is another thing entirely to experience something you really believed was true and felt trapped by, fall away completely and lose its power over you in a matter of minutes.
It never ceases to amaze me how I can sit down and begin in one universe and then 10 minutes later be living in an entirely different universe!! 
Like I’ll sit down with some belief that is haunting me, some thought or some judgement and in that moment I am living in a cruel and unkind universe, but by the time I am done questioning it and turning it around, I am in tears of joy. I am living in a kind and loving universe again. I can go from living with a monster, to living with an angel in a matter of minutes.
It never stops blowing me away the extreme power of our perception
Last night we watched an old episode of Fringe, and in it Walter had got Astrid a beautiful butterfly in a glass bell jar, but when she looked at it the butterfly was actually a moth with a broken wing. He then revealed this machine that put out an electromagnetic pulse and hum, a certain frequency was emitted, and only when they were within that machines frequency range, could she see the beautiful butterfly. When they were out of the range of the frequency, it turned back into a moth with a broken wing.
Now we all know that I think Moth’s are every bit as beautiful as butterflies!! But this so sweetly and perfectly illustrated and affirmed to me that we can only see the beauty in ourselves and others, or the world, when we are in certain ‘states’ or ‘frequencies’, and when we are in a different one we see something entirely different.
You are looking at the SAME EXACT thing! The thing hasn’t changed at all!! But WE HAVE. Our perception has. And our perception is truly everything. It is ASTONISHING the power of this. And I will never stop geeking out about it. It’s my favorite thing to play with! I get so excited about what I can change and transform simply by seeing it a new way! It is magic! 😍✨
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