February 25, 2024

Becoming Big

The image shows the lower legs and feet of two individuals with the larger feet at the back and smaller feet in front, likely suggesting an adult and a child standing with their feet close to each other. The background is dark, and the feet and legs are the central focus of the image. There is text overlaying the image that reads "BECOMING BIG" along with a website address "SUNNICHAPMAN.COM" at the top and a slogan "MAKE MORE, DOING LESS, BEING YOU." at the bottom. This image appears to be a promotional or inspirational graphic, possibly for a personal development program, blog, or book related to personal growth and self-improvement.

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You love precious things.
You love the things that make your heart swell, and your inspiration expand, and your sense of awe and wonder open up. The precious things that seem to effortlessly relax all previously held limitations, and melt them into curiosity and joy.
This is what precious things do!
Yet you’ve been taught that precious things are alway’s small, and innocent, and somehow you’ve got the idea that big things, are not.
Big things like you… and your ideas… and your dreams… and your creations… your big feelings… and the big (ENORMOUSLY BIG!) sheer presence of YOU, inside.
You feel that bigness all the time…
You feel it pushing at your edges, trying to escape the boundaries of your body, wanting to leap out and PLAY with your life!
You felt that bigness even when you were tiny. And you still feel it now.
But perhaps when you were tiny you weren’t scared of it. You just enjoyed it. You reveled in it and delighted in it, you explored it’s every whim to your hearts delight.
And perhaps now, you’ve got that bigness under lock and key. Perhaps you’re sitting firmly on that treasure chest and you’re not letting it out. Cause you believe it’s ugly somehow, or frightening, or will get you into trouble. That that bigness can’t be trusted, or loved, not like your smallness can.
And the thing is that’s cause you know there ARE some people who won’t like it, or who it will make uncomfortable, who will squint their eyes and look away from the brightness and freedom of you. And you’re not quite sure if you’re worth the risk of that rejection.
And it’s not like that ends once you’re successfully doing what you love, I work with a lot of incredibly powerful humans who have done some incredibly magical things and there are still many ways they hold themselves back even after ALL that they’ve seen themselves do. Believing that the confines they’re holding themselves in are safer, even though those confines would squash their spirit and joy.
People think that what lights them up is some kind of prize they get when they “get there”, instead of knowing that what lights them up IS THE WAY!!
But that takes a lot of self-trust, to go against the current of what’s ‘normal’ and ‘recommended’ and carve your own authentic path, to be your own authority and to brave unknown waters. It takes a kind of fire inside, a devotion that will carry you to your vision like it’s the only thing that exists.
I assume if you are here you are one who has that fire. And that devotion to dream is what brought you here. Perhaps it’s a simple dream, or perhaps it’s a wild one, either way, I’m here for it.
The BIG you with your BIG ideas and BIG dreams and BIG creations and BIG feelings and BIG presence is EVERY BIT as precious as the small you. But you’re just not going to believe that until you let yourself find out.
But the funny thing about life being a mirror is that as soon as you let yourself find out, that’s love. That’s love for you. And that love MUST reflect back. Perhaps not through some, but even BIGGER through others.
So let yourself be big.
And see how big love can get.