May 1, 2022

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Calm woman in the field, and text Deep rest to manifest

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Good morning sweet peas, I hope your Sunday is off to a lovely start 🤗🥰 I’ve got a brand new thing to share with you (as pictured above) but first a little story about why I created it… ✨
I created this because * I NEED IT *.
These last two years have been intense.
So much change, so fast.
I remembered that after the first initial shock of the Pandemic, I entered a more deeply peaceful and joyful state of being than I can remember feeling in a very long time.
I know this was not the case for many people and I have the utmost sensitivity to that, but I realize now, that for me, that was because all the controls were taken away, the pause button was pushed, and suddenly ALL the various pressures were taken off because there was nothing anyone could do.
I was forced into a state of deep rest, and a deeper sense of trust, and given time to explore what felt good to me.
It was like a giant permission slip to just be me. To slow down. To relax. A pace of life I LOVE but struggle to allow myself sometimes in this uber-fast-paced culture.
It was such a strange juxtaposition to feel so calm and grateful for this spaciousness (after a period of major freak-out at first, don’t get me wrong!), while the whole world was having a very different reaction. Again, rightfully so.
But despite my own huge losses at that time, I came to a deeper sense of peace and trust in myself and in life, and I felt FED, in all the ways.
When the world opened back up again and my book launched I felt that river of life start rushing again. And very quickly I let all of those things that fed my heart and soul wash away in the current, and that old familiar pressure and overwhelm snuck in the back door like a strangling fog.
There are deeper reasons for that of course (which I’m working through – always), but also because now that the TASTE of the greater permission slip had been given, I needed to learn to give it to myself – in new ways.
By all accounts, I was already pretty good at living a free lifestyle, full of the things I loved most. But as I was traversing great change and a new direction in my life—it brought up my old demons for review. 😳😅😂 
So I wanted to create a new space where we can give ourselves that permission. Where we can slow down and find what feels good and what makes us most naturally happy and content.
Most of the time we are taught that to do that you have to forget about or let go of your dreams, but not here! Here we are taking our dreams with us. But we’ll be learning the art and ritual of active surrender, and taking the weight of the “controls” off our backs, and off our plates.
I’m still creating it, because I want to take myself through it before I invite you in, which is why we’re going to start in late July. We’re going to take a deep dive into simple joys and sweetness, and we’re going to discover the power of delight.
The difference between ‘rest’ and ‘deep rest’ is simple: one rests your body, and the other rests you in your center, heart & soul. That is what active surrender is – it is the art of resting your being, while connecting-with and listening-to the spirit within… and taking action only on what feels delicious.
I have felt the call to deep rest, and I am heeding the call. If you feel that call too, if you’ve been sensing you’re in need of it, I’d love you to join me.
You do not need to have a business to join me for this, it’s for ANYONE who wants to play with more beauty & delight in their lives. Introducing…
Deep Rest To Manifest: 
a 6 week email course for introverts
Calm woman in the field, and text Deep rest to manifest
What happens when you remove the crippling weight of expectations and allow yourself to be truly loved and nourished?
That is what we’re going to find out in this sweet and simple easy-to-integrate-into-your-life 6-week email course for introverts. 
​​​It is an experiment in the least amount of effort producing the most beautiful results. All are welcome to join. The only thing you need is a dream or desire, and a willingness to open your heart and explore your own deeper peace and fulfillment.​​​ We’re gonna take ALL the pressure off and explore your own particular brand of magic in your own unique time and way.
​​​Here’s how it works:​​
  • 1 short audio to listen to at the beginning of each week. (5-10 min)
  • 1 short & sweet email at the end of the week for reflection.
  • There is no homework, only invitations to explore as you see fit.​
  • There are no deadlines and no due dates.​
  • No to-do lists.​
  • No requirements & no expectations you must meet.​
  • There is nothing you have to do, become, or achieve here.​
  • There are not any reading materials (and I’m a writer!) you’re welcome! 😂😂
  • All you have to do is be and bring you.​​​
This course will help connect you with your already brilliant heart and soul, and practice deepening in *active surrender* (I will explain what that means in the course—don’t worry, it’s not as active as it sounds if you’re lazy like me, and getting scurred 😅😂😂 ). ​​​
This course is designed to easily and gently activate your power to create your most beautiful and authentic life in just a handful of minutes a week, so that it’s not just one more thing you have to do, but you still receive huge benefits from the ripple effect of these moments.
​​​Introvert Friendly Format:​​​ There are no social media groups to join, no calls to show up to, and no public or digital place you need to go and share your personal and private deets in front of total strangers. Plus no changing out of your jammies to jump on Zoom! 😅😍
​​​There will be a form to submit any thoughts, questions, challenges or shares privately and anonymously—not even I will see who the question or share came from (just like we do in my FFNM course) — I will pool them and select as many as I can to speak to in an audio or video that will be delivered to your inbox to watch when it’s convenient for you.​​​
Two-Ways To Join: ​​​
1. Join now for the introductory price of $198, course starts delivering July 25th, 2022 (but you can start it any time you like after that).
2. OR join the waitlist to be notified when we begin ($398 at that time)
If you’re not feelin’ that, here’s some other ways I can help: 
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