September 30, 2020

When They Don’t See

Here’s a question that might have come up for you as you’ve tried to work on your mindset and live a life of intention:


Question:What do I do when people don’t see? When they see scarcity and foolishness where I see possibility and abundance?

Answer:  Of course they don’t see. They don’t have your sight.


They cannot possibly see what you see, because they do not have your gift of seeing through that particular thing. They could, and can, see what you see, but that ability needs cultivation, and they are not choosing to do so at this time. Or it is simply not their path.They see what they see. And they are not above you or below you. You have been cultivating that power however, and so you see. You have always seen on some level, that’s why you’re here. But it has been covered over. Covered over with the muck of fear and insecurity and doubt.


Your only job is to see through. You are the only one who can do that for you. They are free to see their own version of freedom, in their own time, but they cannot and will not ever be responsible for yours. And you cannot and will not ever be responsible for theirs either.


So if you want to see the cage bars are not real, you must see that yourself. Do not ask them to tell you they’re not real so you can believe it, they cannot see that.

But you can.
You DO.
You already DO, but you do not trust it.
Not completely.
Not yet.


You must learn to. You must learn to make this freedom your god. Because this freedom that you ARE will have no other. It is your heart. It is your soul. It is your being. You must follow it and nothing else.


You cannot ‘try’ to do this. You cannot work to bring this knowing into you. You can only ALLOW it to emerge. It is already in you, it does not MOVE.


The truth at your center does not move!

Your mind moves, however. It moves through old learned realities, and its perception shifts as it does this. But the truth is still at your center and remains, despite all other views.


This truth just loves.


It loves being. It delights in whatever delights it. It is free. It is free to love what it loves. It has no rules, regulations or limitations around that. There are no bars, and no cage.


You feel the pain in the places where you believe there are real bars. You don’t in the places you don’t. If someone doesn’t see, and it bothers you, then you are still afraid they are right, that’s all. So that is your work, to see through the bars you currently believe are still real. It’s all in you.

You have done it before with other bars you thought were real, and you will do it again with these ones. They may seem more stubborn to see beyond right now, but they are exactly the same as the old set. A mirage.


There are things you used to believe that I couldn’t convince you of now if I tried, it is the same with this new set of bars, you’re just still in the process of seeing through.


People will show up to push your buttons and to show you where you are still in disbelief of yourself. They will bring to your attention where you don’t feel free. Take it like medicine, let it show you where you’re still in pain and set yourself free.


You don’t really need them to see—you just need you to see, even when they can’t. Because when you do that is like saying to yourself: I see you. I believe you. I trust you. I love you. I am with you.


And when you are with you,
miracles happen.