November 17, 2019

You Write The Rules

I want to ask you something right now, and before you spout out the answer, I want you to pause and really sit with this for a minute…


Whose life are you living right now?


Again, before you answer I want you to ask yourself the following as well:


When you are making a decision for yourself—how many voices are you hearing in your head?


And are any of those voices YOU?


Whose feedback are you considering? Whose advice are you taking? Whose rules are you following? Whose vision is it, and whose goals are they? Whose expectations are you trying to meet?


And again, is any of that feedback, advice, rules, vision, goals or expectations YOURS??


If so, how much?


Who else is factoring in, and why?


There are obviously people that are in our inner circle whom we love and care for, and who clearly factor in, but the vision of your life well-lived and well-loved is YOURS ALONE.


This is YOUR life.


Your one precious life to decide what to do with, and so YOU are the ONLY one equipped to be making decisions about it.


That does not mean you don’t ask for help, lean on people, get guidance, get support, talk to people, have conversations, learn, grow and all that good stuff, but you are the one who takes all that in and sits with it, and sorts it out through your own filter of what you want to keep, want you want to lose, and what feels right to YOU in your bones.


You know the truth for you like no-one else will. You know your destination and vision like no-one else possibly can. They were not built for it. Only you were.


So you cannot blindly follow other peoples rules and expect them to get you where you’re going, you have to know what you want, you have to OWN WHAT YOU WANT, so that you can even BEGIN to decipher whether what you receive is serving YOUR vision for your life, or serving someone else’s vision for theirs.


But here’s the kicker…


the reason this is SO important is that wheresoever you are overriding your own intuitive sense about what’s right for you, and blindly following someone else’s best-intended advice or rules, is where you are still giving your power away.


And that is equivalent to telling yourself: “you’re not smart enough or good enough to be trusted. I don’t want your opinion. Your opinion isn’t worth anything here. But this person’s is. They matter more than you. Just be quiet and sit down.”


How far do you think you can get when you treat yourself like that? Even if you did manage to get “there” – how happy do you think you’ll be and how shaky do you think that ground you’ll be standing on will be? (because that narrative will still be going on underneath, because it was built on someone else’s power, and not on yours)


Your inner foundational sense of self-trust is where it’s AT, loves. Start there. Cultivate that. Check all advice against it. Write your rules from there. All goodness flows from knowing that you MATTER, and are every bit as important and valuable and deserving as anyone else in this world.


And don’t you forget it. 😉


❤️ xo,



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